DIY Indoor “Snow Day”


Indoor Snow Day

We live South Texas, where it snows very rarely (like it’s a miracle when it snows) and Christmas for us is more often than not in the 80’s. But every once in a while you just want a “Snow Day”. Which means we have to get pretty creative. A few days ago it was rainy and gloomy. And both my kiddos were home because of Christmas Break. I decided it was the perfect day to pull out a few supplies I had picked up at Walmart and add a little sparkle to our day.

snow dough: Corpus Christi Moms Blog

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Gather The Ingredients.

I started by grabbing 3 super simple ingredients. Conditioner. Corn Starch. And GLITTER. A few hours before our fun was going to begin I stuck the conditioner in the fridge so it was nice and chilly.

snow dough: Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Measure it out and mix it all up.

When it was time to have fun we started by measuring out 2 cups of chilled conditioner in a bowl. (Honestly I usually don’t measure but for your guys’ sake I did do some measuring). Then we added the entire 16 oz container in to our bowl. Last but not least dump in the glitter. Enough to make it sparkle, but not enough to make it hard to work with.

Using a wooden spoon combine the three ingredients. Just keep mixing (have your kids do it for you) Until your dough resembles a soft consistency that you can pick up and mold. Towards the end we just used our hands to properly combine.

snow dough: Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Play time.

Then PLAY! We love to keep it chilly so that it feels “wintery”. I like to lay down parchment paper just for easier clean up. But totally optional. My daughter loves to mold it and make snow people, or other creations. My 22 month old wasn’t sure what to think, so I pulled out some of his cars and trucks and we drove them through the snow. He totally loved this! In the past I have even hidden little “treasures” in the snow and we have dug them out. We also love to make little “snow forts” for my daughters small figurines. Needless to say Snow Dough has the potential to create hours of fun!

snow dough: Corpus Christi Moms Blog


When you are done you can store it in a ziplock or airtight container in the fridge (to keep it snowy) for up to a week. Past that it kind of just crumbles.

The Recipe.

2 cups conditioner (cheaper the better)

16 oz corn starch


Optional ingredients:

Essential oils to add fragrance (wintery scents are fun)

small “treasures” for finding

If you have your own “snow day” trying turning on the new Frozen 2 Soundtrack, and have hot coco afterwards! And then tag us so we can see how much fun you’re having!

dough: Corpus Christi Moms Blog


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