We Love the Coastal Bend : Series || The Beauty


I don’t think I have a favorite ‘thing’ per se, but one thing I absolutely love about the Coastal Bend is how beautiful it is. Beautiful views of Corpus Christi Bay…

The beauty of our city.

Many people who live here stay because of the view of the water and the beautiful picturesque scenery. The beaches, the long stretch of Ocean Drive, there’s so much to explore. I can’t really narrow it down. We have a unique beauty all our own. It’s more than a place to live it has its own way of life. Almost like a sanctuary to escape to.


People vacation here from all over the world just to see the beaches and feel the warm weather. Things like the Selena statue, the Texas State Aquarium, Botanical Gardens, Heritage Park or events (shows). There is a true rarity here in little (or big) out of the way places that people find and make their own.

coastal bend
The Hans and Pat Suter Wildlife Refuge… 

My family and I have plenty of memories having lived here in the Coastal Bend my whole life. Year-round you can find something to do with your loved ones. So if you haven’t noticed then maybe stop and soak in the beauty of the Coastal Bend. 

Photos by: AnnaMariePhotog

What is your favorite thing about the Coastal Bend?