We Love the Coastal Bend : Series || Whitecap Beach



The water is therapeutic to me. Whether I am happy or sad, alone or with loved ones, I seek the water. 

Shortly after my husband and I married, I begged him to move! He came up with so many cons as to why that wasn’t a good idea. At that time our lives were different, it wasn’t until our little’s were out of the baby phase and old enough to go to the beach or on the boat! They love the water! It is so adorable when they are dark and tan at the end of the summer. We love our little water babies zest for adventure. We could spend hours at the beach and have on many occasions. The older they get the more adventurous and exciting the times we spend together near the water are.


A lot of times I do not even take my phone or take pictures. But at least once a year I have. The progression from Pull-Ups to big Kids in our favorite places is a treasured memory we will always share. 

The best part, it doesn’t have to be expensive or take tons of planning. It is great for out of town guests and to hang out with friends!

Our #1 spot is Whitecap Beach 

Tons of open space you can park along the beach or in a parking area! Take a stroll, or camp out to spend the day. The options are unlimited. We have done short trips with literately no planning, not even a towel, to all-day outings that we pack everything but the kitchen sink. Whether we are getting some sun, cooking out, or stargazing we have tons of amazing memories as a family at Whitecap beach. If a camp out is not your thing Check out Mikel May’s restaurant on Bob Hall Pier! You can eat on the patio and enjoy a great view, yummy food and not have to clean up! There are also picnic tables off the pier. If you can snag one for some shade its a good spot to spend some time. There are also outdoor showers nearby to rinse off before you get back in your vehicle. If you plan to stay all day… I would suggest a few tips, especially if porta-potties are not your thing! Park in the public parking lot off of Windward Rd. There are bathrooms, and outdoor showers to rinse off. You should be prepared to bring your own toilet tissue, just in case! I actually keep a plastic bin our garage that has a bunch of things we may need. We often have spontaneous trips so it is easy to grab and go!

In my bin:

  • Sunscreen of course,
  • hand sanitizer,
  • baby powder (great for helping brush sand off)
  • Towels
  • a bucket (to take your trash with you, bags WILL blow away)
  • water and beach toys 

When we are ready to go we just grab a few other things like:

  • water, drinks & snacks (no glass containers are allowed on the beach)
  • Tents, chairs, and tables 


The beach is super windy I have seen whole shade tents blow away, so please remember to properly secure anything you bring with you!


I hope you and your family enjoy some quality time on the beach and visit one of our favorite coastal spots. The ocean is a great way to recenter your self, reconnect as a family, and have a good time! Always remember to leave it cleaner than you found it!


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