Tracie was born and raised in Saginaw, TX and spent 15 years in Austin before moving to CC in January of 2017. She has four kids...Ashlen and Blake are both in their twenties (still in Austin), Mackenzie (13), and Layton (10). She loves working out, reading traveling, and surrounding herself with all different types of people. She really enjoys wine and writing....they are both cheaper than therapy.

Boy vs. Girl….What’s the difference?

I try not to engage in debates on social media. However, every now and then, I stumble across one that really grabs my attention and I can't help myself. The other day, I noticed one...
What is your 'Mom Magic'?

What is your Mom “Magic?”

Do you believe in magic?? I never did....until I became a mother. Now, I'm not talking about "cool" magic, like, Harry Potter-type magic...this is a special "magic" that only the mom of the house seems to...

Thankful for the Little Things

  Let me start by saying that I am EXTREMELY THANKFUL for my health, my husband, my children, my family, my friends, yada, yada, yada. However. I wanted to just write a quick post about the little,...

Parenting Pearls of Wisdom

Ok...maybe wisdom is taking a little far. For those that are new here, my name is Tracie and I have four kids that range from 28 to 9. We have two that are in...
Rock the Vote

Get out and VOTE!

  I remember when I turned eighteen, I was super excited because it was an election year....a PRESIDENTIAL election. I could not wait to vote. There was something that seemed so grown up about being able to...

On why we NEED our Girlfriends..

I recently got the amazing opportunity to get away, without my family, on a long weekend trip to Mexico with my girlfriends. We were celebrating the upcoming marriage of one of them...but let's be...

What the FORTNITE?!?!

I am always excited for back to school time. I'm ready for a regular routine again and it means my favorite time of the year, fall, is right around the corner. However, this year,...
Is This My Mid-Life Crisis- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Is This My Mid-Life Crisis???

I'm pushing my mid-forties, which, I guess, is pretty close to the middle of my life (I hope.) When a man has a "mid-life crisis," he may get an expensive, shiny, new sports car....
How I Found Myself Again- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

How I Found Myself Again

I consider myself a pretty private person. I don't open up to many people about my private life, feelings, etc. However, I have written this blog so many times in my head, that I...

Why am I so Tired???

I have been in this mothering gig for over twenty years. You would think I have done it all, seen it all, and have it ALL figured out. Well, you would be wrong. I am...