Create memories…they matter!


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I sometimes wonder why I never stepped out of my comfort zone or  decided to create memories – no matter if I didn’t care to do it.  I recently took a trip to a local water park with my amazing granddaughter, Ava.  Oh, I knew we were in for an adventure!  She loves the water and we had a blast as we spent the afternoon with a great group of friends. 

Did I have to get past the dislike of being in a public pool with lots of other people? Yes. Because my mind was already set on Ava and I having a wonderful time and just enjoying the moment. 

She laughed and just seeing the pure joy on her face that she was enjoying the water made me happy.  As mom to my own daughter, Angelique, I often didn’t take the time to create those memories.  I was a young mom and I was either working or going to college. 

It did sting when my own daughter said,

“man, mom… you never did those things with me.” 

It was very true and now all I can do is take the time to enjoy the little moments with Ava and create those memories.  I want to encourage the moms to take the time to create those memories with your kids even if you don’t want to or even it means stepping out of your comfort zone.  We only get to live life once and the people and the relationships we have are so important.  Take time to create memories because you are leaving a legacy behind and it does matter!

making memories

What are some of your favorite ways to make memories with your kids and grandkids? Tell us in the comments!