5 Ways to Document Your Child’s Milestones


There are so many ways to document and keep memories of your children, but yet so little time to actually follow through as they hit these big milestones. Here I’ve compiled a list of Pinterest worthy, yet easy ways to document those milestones and cherish them always.

Milestone Blanket 1
Milestone Blanket 3
Milestone Blanket 2
BatzKids Pregnancy Tracker

Milestone Blankets

These are huge on Pinterest and honestly probably the easiest to do. I have begun using these for my 4 month old and have loved the results. You can find so many options on Amazon which is where I got mine for my little one, but you can also shop small and find some adorable ones at BatzKids, (BONUS: our readers get 20% off by using code CCMB20).

This is where I got the pregnancy tracker I used throughout pregnancy. With these blankets you can do something as simple as putting your child in the center, snapping a picture, and using Instagram to circle the appropriate age. OR you can do what I do and create a theme, but don’t let this scare you. Just about everything I put on Amelia’s blankets are from the dollar section at Target (you know that section right as you walk in that is full of stuff you really don’t need but just have to have). Its cheap to I spend about $10 on cute decorations for each month. 

Growth Rulers

These are so easy to use and document how fast our little ones grow. Most find a little corner or door frame in your house to make these marks, but what happens when you move? Sadly the next owner will paint over all those memories. This is a great portable way to document those growths and take it with you wherever you might call home.  I got mine from this adorable little Etsy shop, but sadly they don’t offer this product anymore. In all my research though I fell in love with Grow & Co.’s products and designs. I suggest getting one for the whole family so everyone’s growth can be documented on one. Although, I do see the benefit of personalizing it for each child. It can become an awesome nursery gift for your child when they have children of their own. 

First Day of School

This has become such a trend on social media and is both adorable and can also inspire some guilt for us mamas that forgot or maybe don’t have excess creativity juices. I am here to tell you DO NOT STRESS. Find a simple way to capture that first day of school memory. Like this Pinterest post, all you need is some chalk  You can also use this chalkboard with chalk markers to really make it easy from year to year and keep a cohesive look to all your first and last day pictures.  

There is an App for that

For those that like to snap a quick picture and post it on social media without having to plan any photoshoots, Little Nugget is a great app. It allows you to make a profile for each child and customize the picture with different stickers or captions. Although some of the stickers have to be paid for you can get all their “packages” for $5.99. I’ve created an example above, the app 

Shutterfly Photo Books


This is a tradition I started the first Christmas I was with my wife, now 6 years in and it’s still her favorite Christmas gift. Each you I compile all our adventures and milestones from Christmas to Thanksgiving in a photobook. This project can take as much or as little time as you want to put into it. I usually put quite a few hours into it, just cause it becomes my labor of love, but it is soo easy. For about $50 (really $30 because there is always a coupon code) you can capture a years worth of milestones and memories in one book. I like to display these on our coffee table and its become a challenge for some of our friends to “make the book.”

An even easier way is to create calendars of all of last year’s memories. BTW these create great Christmas gifts for grandparents. 

At the risk of sounding like a hypocrite, not everything needs to be saved on the “cloud” for ages to come. Sometimes capturing the moment without technology and absorbing it is really the best way to create and save a memory. We see this “technology free” trend in wedding ceremonies in order to not ruin the photographers excellent pictures with your iPhone sticking out into the isle. Use this same practice across the board in your life. Don’t post the entire concert on your Snapchat, sing a long and sway with the music not with your phone. I guarantee the world is so much more beautiful and memories last so much longer when you aren’t viewing it through the screen of your phone. 

If you want some help creating memories that matter check out this blog post.

What are ways you save your memories?

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