In honor of the unsung HERO… the childcare worker.


A long time ago… before my motherhood days, my first real job was taking care of little ones. I worked as a childcare worker/daycare teacher however you see it. I worked for about the span of about 6-7 years at several daycares. I started out with minimal experience, babysitting my sister, my neighbor’s kids, eventually my friend’s kids and the work program at school. When I started at my first daycare, they had me take training classes, where they talk to you about various scenarios with the kids and the parents, talk to you about SIDS, things of that nature. I took a CPR class, obtained my food handlers permit, all the requirements they expected of me. I got introduced to a headteacher and a group of kids I would be working with; at the time I didn’t realize I wasn’t working for very much pay and I wouldn’t receive any paid time off.

Over time I got used to the routine. The everyday drop-offs, babies crying, having separation anxiety being away from their mommies and daddies, sometimes dealing with stressed-out parents or co-workers.

After some time, I gained more experience and got my own classroom. I worked with various age groups of the years, from infants to school-age kids. Parents I know it’s hard some days from the moment your baby/child gets dropped off they are in someone else’s care and that’s tough. Sometimes childcare workers spend more time with the kids then the parents do. The daycare teachers teach them (despite some people thinking they don’t teach), they go over numbers, letters, colors, sing songs, read books, and engage in educational activities. A sign of a good daycare teacher – she makes lesson plans and can tell you what your child did all day.


Most daycares do not give their workers benefits. So, they either work sick or call in and do not get paid. Yes, some can afford to give their employees benefits but most do not.

Teachers grow attached to the children in their care. They hurt when they hurt, love to see them smile and they are full of pride when they master a new skill.

They are not just glorified babysitters; they enjoy what they do and take the time to get to know your child and care for your child. With everything going on in the world right now I hope you can take the time to thank a childcare worker (teacher) for everything they do, going above and beyond every day.

Thank You.