Dog digging is so annoying! Try this to make it stop.


One of the most annoying things a dog does is digging.

How to stop dog digging

We love our fur babies but, like our human children, but they can drive us crazy. 

Why does Fido insist on tearing up our grass, destroying our flower beds or trying to escape under the fence? While it is important to understand the reason your pooch digs, here is a method to stop them from digging now.    

Step 1: Get a plastic grocery bag.

Step 2: Collect dog poops and place in the bag. The more poops the better.

Step 3: Place bag in the hole where the dog is digging. Lightly cover the bag with dirt if you don’t want to look at the contents, or leave the bag open.

Your canine will not like the smell of the feces in the hole and will leave it alone. If he makes another hole, repeat steps above.

A situation where poop can actually make things better? Whaaaaaaa? Eventually, you can remove the poop bag and dispose of it properly.

This method has worked with my dog. Let us know if it works for your dog.

And then make sure to give your pup lots of belly scratches for me. Good luck!

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