7 Movies to Inspire Your Royal Side: National Princess Day.


November 18th is National Princess Day!

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a princess at least once in their life?? I don’t know about you but growing up I always wished I could be a Disney princess. My favorite was Cinderella, with her own fairy godmother, the beautiful dress and the glass slippers. I think that at least for me some girls my daughter included have at one point dreamt of that princess life. You don’t necessarily need to be royalty to be a princess. You can live your life with the mental attitude that exhibits those royal qualities.

little girl posing as a princess

  • Show Kindness
  • Be Courageous
  • Have Patience
  • Be Charitable
  • Don’t Stop Dreaming
  • Believe in Magic

To get us in a royal mood here are some princess movies we can watch:

  • Cinderella – (animated/live-action) There’s also a musical Rodgers & Hammerstein version from 1965 that I just absolutely adore.
  • The Princess Bride- If you grew up in the 1980s you no doubt know this movie well. I know all the quotes by heart. “As you wish.”
  • The Princess Diaries- The early 2000s called for young girls to get their own princess. One they could relate to and Anne Hathaway is the perfect princess of Genovia. Not to mention the sequel is just as entertaining.
  • Enchanted- A Disney princess movie about a princess- to- be that combines real life action and animation! I loved this movie when it came out. Amy Adams was… well… Enchanting. It doesn’t hurt that her two leading men are easy on the eyes either.
  • Frozen- What’s a list of princess movies without Anna and Elsa? A Disney movie with a Queen and a Princess needs to make the list for sure. Not to mention once you hear “Let it go,” it’s all you want to sing.
  • Roman Holiday- Of course not every princess needs to be animated. The 1953 movie starring Audrey Hepburn tells the story of a European princess who is overwhelmed by her royal duties and she sneaks out to explore on her own.
  • Beauty and the Beast- (Real-life action/animated) There are so many Disney princess movies it makes it hard to narrow them down. The first animated Disney movie to be nominated for an Academy Award. Belle, the kind, book-loving, free spirit who falls for the charms of the ‘Beast’.

I know there are plenty more princess movies I did not put on the list. Which one is your favorite?