The Impact of Parenthood and Dating Your Spouse


The Impact of Parenthood and Dating Your Spouse

Becoming a new parent is so tough! As mothers, we can all relate to how mentally taxing learning to navigate Motherhood is. We read all the posts and memes about how tired we are, how we don’t take the time we need for ourselves, and how our new brains have been rewired to constantly think about the needs of our children over our own. And often times, when we do get time to ourselves, it’s usually sleep or a shower. Now, for a second, think about all of that. Did you think at any time about what kind of impact becoming a new parent would have on your marriage or relationship? I know what you may be thinking: Where is the time to think about that when you can barely think about yourself?

So now, we have yet another reason becoming a new parent is so challenging. Not only have you lost some of your old you, but your marriage has taken a back seat. I know, this is starting to sound drab. But I promise I am coming to the exciting part! This is the perfect opportunity to explore new interests, tackle stress, and enjoy some good cocktails, all with your spouse. And even if it may not seem like it, your significant other could use the outing too. Notice that my first statement said “parent” and not “mother.” Not only will actively scheduling a day and setting aside time to go on a date be the perfect break for you, but for your partner as well. And this will only allow for continued growth in your relationship and an opportunity to acknowledge how you have both changed from becoming parents.

Personally, my husband and I did not start scheduling a monthly date (baby steps), until after our daughter’s second birthday, and we were in desperate need at that point. For each date, we decided on three activities, a sort of formula, to cater to one of or both of our interests, and even find new interests. If you’re in a similar position and don’t know where to start, check in soon for Dating Your Spouse in 3 Easy Steps: A Coastal Bend Date Night. Until then, let yourself love your significant other like the day you decided to start a family and show it in the small, tender moments.


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