When Your House isn’t “Picture” Perfect: A Coastal Bend Mom House Tour


When Your House isn’t “Picture” Perfect

A Coastal Bend Mom Collective House Tour

We’ve all seen those picture perfect home photos on our Instagram feed. Those ones with the empty and super clean sinks, no loaves of bread on the counter. No laundry piled up in the corner of the room, or toys shoved under the beds. The ones that make us sigh in jealousy even more than the fitness influencers (ha!). And wonder why our house doesn’t look like that?

Coastal Bend Mom Collective: House Tour

So I am here to offer you a little bit of my normal. My house. A space that I love, but that is LIVED in and not a staged home makeover show, or a perfect social media photo.

The last (nearly) two years have been full of house project DIY’s and some not so fun repairs (HVAC system).

There’s still some areas of our house we haven’t quite had the budget for “yet”. Like our old couch, that we rescued from friends of ours moving across the country in grad school that has so many stains and rips and tears its so embarrassing. Or our table that we literally got out of the dumpster in undergrad and I have painted it and refinished it several times. Our bathroom has some not so fun blue tile that the previous owners ruined by trying to paint it.

And at times these things make me unsure If I am ready to show off my house. This house that I LOVE. And then I realize that is just plain silly.

This is a REAL house. With a REAL family living here.  We have boogers on door frames, and garbage cans that often need emptied. And so many tiny fingerprints on the windows. there are so many areas of this home that I just adore. So many areas that make my heart so happy and I wanted to share them here.

So welcome to our first “Coastal Bend Mom house Tour”

My Windows:

The first love of my life is my husband. The second is my front room windows. These windows need replaced because they are not energy efficient but oh man I love them! Not only are they so aesthetically unique but they provide the most glorious views to our sunsets and sunrises. And I will never forget how sweet my children look watching out of them to see their daddy or me coming home from work. By far my favorite part of our house!

Coastal Bend Mom Collective: House Tour

The Built Ins:

One feature that dates our house in a unique way is the built in shelves. I have LOVED finding ways to decorate them. And love how they have come together. They add such a vintage feel to our kitchen that I can’t help but adore them. I enjoy switching out the decor each season. I think my favorite was for Christmas, when I used them to display my favorite nativity.

Coastal Bend Mom Collective: House Tour

Our Front Door/ Front Porch:

This front door is SOLID. It’s original to the house and provides such a homey welcoming look to our front porch. I love it’s design and even though I have always wanted a painted front door, there’s no way I am touching this original wood. And pulling in my driveway and seeing this cutest front porch makes my heart swell. {PS: Check out my tutorial here for the most simple DIY door wreath! It was UNDER $15!!!}

Coastal Bend Mom Collective: House Tour

Our Backyard:

We’ve put a lot of time and money into making our backyard our own little oasis. It now has a privacy fence that makes us feel safe to play out there year-round. We’ve added fairy lights and a chiminea. And not to mention the orange trees that have been here as long as the house!

Coastal Bend Mom Collective: House Tour

Living Room Floating Shelves:

Our living room had a large empty wall that I just didn’t know what to do with. So we installed a floating shelf and decorating this has been so much fun! I loved displaying nutcrackers during Christmas time, and now it’s switched up for Spring, and having a small space to channel some creativity in the house has been so uplifting.

Coastal Bend Mom Collective: House Tour

An Iron Bed Frame:

Our room is nowhere near completed. In fact, my nightstand is a folding chair. (yep- I am not lying). But I do have a bed frame that I LOVE. I’ve always wanted an old-fashioned-looking iron bed, and finally having one makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. And even though my room is not “complete” walking in and seeing this bed made up makes my heart happy.

Coastal Bend Mom Collective: House Tour

Kitchen Cabinets:

Recently we updated the paint in our kitchen, and kitchen cabinets and while my husband was out of town I made an impulse decision to line the cabinets with the cutest floral contact paper. It makes me smile every time I am putting dishes away, which I think is a double-win situation. And add’s a little flair to the house I think!

Coastal Bend Mom Collective: House Tour

But just in case you think we have it all together over here. This is what my home looks like on a random Wednesday morning. And even though I hate my couch, and I can’t wait to replace my table, There are so many pieces of my not so Instagram-worthy house that I LOVE.

Coastal Bend Mom Collective: House Tour


What do you love about your space? We’d love to see!

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