The school pick-up line blues: a short poem describing the daily occurrence.


    The School Pick Up Line Blues

    A Short Poem

    By Rachel Almond

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    Oh elementary school pick-up line, how I loathe you.

    You’re basically a slow-moving, chaotic zoo.

    Moms start lining up an HOUR before school is out.

    What in the world is that all about??

    There are always parents trying to cut,

    and that makes me want to kick their butt!

    It takes almost a full hour out of my day.

    Does it really HAVE to be this way?

    I don’t feel safe with my baby on a bus.

    That’s why I’m subjecting myself to all this fuss.

    Baby sister always complains because it takes forever,

    so I usually bring snacks trying to be clever.

    But then I end up eating goldfish too.

    Well, there goes my diet but what’s a mom to do?

    I know the school always tries their best,

    but their speed just doesn’t pass the test.

    By 3pm I’m always excited to see my son,

    but the school pick-up line is absolutely no fun…


    school pick up line blues ccmbAnyone else feel my pain??


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    Rachel and her family are new to the Coastal Bend. They moved here last fall from a small town north of Austin where they lived for the last 10 years. Rachel is a part time pharmacist and a full time mom of 3! Her faith in Jesus and her love of family are the cornerstones of her life. Originally an Okie, she has a bachelors degree from Oklahoma State (Go Pokes!) and a Pharm D from Southwestern Oklahoma State. She works a few days a month as a relief pharmacist for a retail pharmacy chain and as an author for a company that sells pharmacy study materials. She has been married to her high school sweetheart since 2005 and stays busy with their 6 and 4 year old boys, their 18 month old baby girl, and their 3 dogs. Rachel and her family LOVE the beach and all the activities that come along with it! She also loves to craft, scrapbook, decorate, party plan, on-line bargain shop, travel, and garden. Rachel is a big fan of sunshine, Mexican food, organization, and Diet Coke. She feels very blessed in this life and is excited to be a part of CCMB!