An Open Letter to My Son’s New Teacher


    1To my son’s 2nd grade teacher,

    I promise I had good intentions, I really did! I bought workbooks, flashcards and took multiple trips to the library to check out reading books. I had plans to work a little everyday with my son on things like math, reading and writing, to name a few.

    I figured THIS would be the summer that I really applied myself and made sure my son was ahead of the game come August, not forgetting any of the fundamentals he learned in 1st grade. I was going to have him wonderfully prepared for your class.

    I’m telling you all of this in hopes that it is the “thought that counts,” because I did try a few times, but learned some interesting things along the way.

    1. I am NOT meant to be a teacher. I am not patient. I have no idea how you do it! I cannot handle the whining about not knowing how to do it, when he knows good and well how to.  I cannot deal with helping him read. Yes, I love that he is reading because it opens his world up for so many exciting things, but sitting there reading a book and listening to him sound out every syllable REALLY tests my patience. You’re probably thinking that I’m a bad mom because of this, but honesty counts for something, right?
    2. I enjoy being outside and doing things too much. I have no desire to spend my precious time arguing with my kid about how to spell something, how to tell time, or practicing counting money when we could be outside doing something. I know it may sound selfish on my part, and yeah, it probably is, but my son is happiest when he is outside learning about nature. So I am happy to oblige, especially if it avoids an argument.
    3. I’m not fun, like teachers can be. I feel like I turn into a Drill Sargent when trying to get my kid to complete a worksheet.  I don’t have a cute catchy song or fun hand motions to get the learning juices flowing. All I have is elevated blood pressure and yelling (SIT DOWN…GET YOUR PENCIL…DO YOUR WORK!) Not exactly the recipe for nice, neat orderly completion of work, but more like the ingredients for a good old argument!
    4. I am NOT meant to be my son’s teacher. I’m afraid it would come to a homicide, suicide or both if I had to do this full time! Lord, help us all if I ever have to homeschool the boy. You homeschool moms are my heroes! My son and I are too much alike and he is WAY too stubborn for me to be able to teach him. He thinks he knows everything at the ripe old young age of 7, and I always want to be right (ok, so I’m a little stubborn too!) Not exactly the best combination when trying to teach someone. I’m sure it is quite humorous to be a fly on the wall during one of our “study” sessions, but for us, it is more like punishment!
    5.  My kid is a lot smarter that he alludes to. Not only do I know he knows how to do at least 95% of the stuff we practice, but he even knows how to work the system pretending he doesn’t so I’ll get all flustered and just give up and let him go do something else. He is the “KING OF EXCUSES” and the “PRINCE OF STALLING!” So much so, I think he could teach a course on it!

    But the most important thing I realized is that you teache2rs DO NOT get the credit you deserve.  It is a tough job and I am so very thankful that you do it. I’m fairly certain you all have a special place in Heaven because of what you do!

    Thank you for teaching my sweet boy all the things that I apparently do not have the skills (or patience) to do! I am forever grateful.


    The Mom Who Tried

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