My Kids are Annoying


    I became a parent rather late in life.  I was 35 years old when #1 was born.  Like many childless adults, I was often annoyed by:

    • Screaming babies in church
    • Crying kids at HEB,
    • Tweens’ chattering during movies
    • High schoolers skateboarding in a parking lot

    Then I had kids.  With age and experience, I’m not annoyed as often.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s apathy or if it’s wisdom?

    My Kids are Annoying- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

    My boys are good boys.  They are kind, intelligent, loving and handsome.  They are everything I ever wanted and many things I didn’t know I wanted.

    But they are gross.

    Last night, #3 tooted at the dinner table.  Apparently, this was so funny that #1 laughed milk through his nose and #2 fell off his chair.

    I should be more annoyed than I am.

    My boys are kind.  They have lots of friends. They call their grandparents.  They volunteer.

    But they are silly.

    They laugh at the word “butt.”  They laugh at the word “butte.” They even – sometimes – laugh at the words “butler”, “butter” and “buttress.”  If I said “The butler carried the butter past the buttress on the butte,” they would laugh for 10 minutes.

    I should be more annoyed than I am.

    My boys work hard.  They get straight A’s.  They are altar servers.  They are Scouts.

    But they are messy.

    Their beds are always unmade, their clothes are always on the floor.  Plates, cups and utensils are left all over the house.  Don’t even get me started on the bathroom.

    I should be more annoyed than I am.

    My boys are polite.  They hold doors for people. They say “please” and “thank you”.

    But they have no style.

    When they aren’t wearing a school uniform, they are wearing boxers — nothing else.  I have to tell them to wear a shirt to the dinner table.  Every. Single. Night.  We’re too busy to make haircuts a priority so most of the time they look like the Beatles circa 1969.

    I should be more annoyed than I am.

    I should be more annoyed… because other people MUST be annoyed when my boys are gross, silly, messy & sloppy.  Except it seems they are only gross, silly, messy & sloppy for me.

    That’s annoying.

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    1. This was great! So true, and as they get older they’ll start throwing in a little cologne here and there.

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