What I learned When I started a Gratitude Practice


How to Start a Gratitude Practice

One Month. One Month is the perfect amount of time to start a new practice. There’s always new ideas floating around: 30-day smoothie challenges, 30-day clean eating, 30-days of exercise etc. But right now, I needed something a little more gentle. A little more spiritual. I decided focusing on gratitude was especially important. And in case you want to start your own gratitude practice, I thought I would share the steps to starting your own Gratitude practice.

Gratitude Practice: Corpus Christi Mom's Blog

Decide How to Record your Gratitude

I started by purchasing a super cute journal on Amazon. This is the one I got. It was simple, and straight forward. And if you are like me I love buying new notebooks, they are really inspiring to me.

However, many people record their gratitude in different ways, you can make notes on your phone, start an IG stories series, or download a gratitude app.

Decide what will work best for YOU.

Decide When You will Record your Gratitude

To set myself up for success I set a specific time of when I would complete my gratitude practice. I decided to include it with my morning routine, and while I drink my morning cup of herbal tea I record my thoughts. I keep a pen in the notebook, so if I only have a few seconds of quiet that’s really all it takes to take a deep breath and reset my thoughts.

You may consider keeping your notebook by your bedside, and contemplating your gratitude at the end of the day. Or stick it in your diaper bag so you can scribble it down whenever you have a second. Just decide when it works for YOU. (This is supposed to be a gentle practice remember).

Gratitude Practice: Corpus Christi Mom's Blog

Decide to “feel” Gratitude

This is the tricky step. I can preach all day long to be grateful and look for the sunshine, but unless you allow yourself to really soak in those blessings it doesn’t mean much. So when I write my three things I am grateful for I allow myself just a second. Just a second of meditation to let those feelings of gratitude fill my soul and settle my heart.

What I Learned from 30 Days of Gratitude

I am absolutely hooked. Its now been over 30 days and this practice is still going strong. It’s a practice I have had for quite some time, but I am now recommitted. During a time of uneasiness, and so much I can’t control I have found it very grounding to take those few minutes every day and remember the things I am grateful for.

Image a cluster of pink carnation flowers, underneath a blank sheet of white paper and a person's hand, holding a pen, about to write. Text reads "Gratitude helps you fall in love with the life you already have" by Unknown.