I Left My Comfort-Zone and Learned Something New


Learning Something New - Corpus Christi Moms BlogDo you have a comfort zone?  Do you like stepping out of it?  My comfort zone acts like a bubble, forming a protective layer around me.  Keeping me safe and secure from the unknown.

What are unknowns?  Well, for me, unknowns are typically things I fear.  And quite often find that fear stems from a desire to not do something “wrong,” with a result of me looking stupid.  I don’t like to take risks.  I don’t like to embarrass myself.  

In the last year, I’ve taken a personal risk:  I’ve learned to play golf.  I stepped outside my comfort zone and learned something new.  

You see, I have an almost twelve year old son who has fallen in love with the game.  He has been swinging a club since the time he could walk, when Daddy bought him one of those cheap, plastic sets.  We taped that set back together a few times, then bought another.  Ultimately, we bought him a tiny bag and a three club set by the time he was 4 or 5 years old.

For my husband, it was a dream come true to have a son who loved the game as much as he did.  Initially, they spent their time on a driving range where our son could learn to swing the clubs.  It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that he and my son would actually start going to the golf course to play.  

Then one day I realized I was staying home by myself a little more often, while they were off having fun.  So, I bought some clubs.  

They literally sat for months.  Why?  Because I was afraid to actually use them.  

GolfIn April 2016, our son played in his first golf tournament.  His love for golf escalated. He wanted lessons.  He wanted to play all the time.  So, one day, I pulled out my pitching wedge and knocked a ball around the yard.  Boy, was I terrible.  I tried to mimic what I saw them do.  I learned that, even though I struggled, I still liked it and enjoyed the challenge.  

I was really nervous, but before long, I finally went to play my first nine holes of golf and was hooked immediately.  It’s been quite a year of learning curves.  A year of me chasing after my pink ball.  A year of me learning that swinging and missing the ball is okay.  We all have to start somewhere.  

For some of us less talented, less graceful, a little more uncoordinated, type individuals, it takes a little longer to get things figured out and become a mediocre player.  

I had three, thirty minute lessons, but, I have found the best teachers so far have been my two guys.  My husband is amazing. He’s so patient and gives me a bit of new information to “chew on” each time we’re on the course or driving range, without overwhelming me.  My son gives me little tips that his dad and coach have given to him.  Since we home school, I love this opportunity for him to teach me.

The reality is, I’m not in this golf thing to hit the women’s pro golf scene.  I’m in it to spend time with my family.  Golf has given us some awesome time together, doing something we now all enjoy. 

I stepped out of my comfort zone and walked into their world. I’m so glad I put my fears aside and just did it. The very fact I’m learning something new at my age, that I never imagined I would be able to learn, makes me feel proud.

I’m sure there is a learning curve for my guys as well, as they learn to play with a girl.  Where they just fist bump each other for a job well done, I tend to jump up and down and make a little more noise.  But, hey, when you finally hit your ball OVER the pond and don’t make another donation TO the pond, now that’s something worth shouting over!  (Okay, so, this might have happened when we played together on Mother’s Day…)

What about you?  Have you ever stepped out to learn something new for the sake of your family?  Or just because?

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Learning Something New - Corpus Christi Moms Blog