Teacher Appreciation Week: When your Heart is Full but Your Pockets Are Empty


Every year at the beginning of May, we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. A chance to end the year by letting a teacher know just how grateful you are for the hundreds of hours they have poured into your child over the whole school year.

Teacher Appreciation Week, Empty Wallet

A few weeks ago, I began seeing all of the amazing #momboss accounts posting their cute pens, cups, and other fun customized gifts in all of the local groups. That is when I started panicking…….

This year has been a lean financial year for our family…. and it’s only getting leaner with summer coming up and some big-ticket things we are saving for. Between the school fundraisers, school t-shirts, field day t-shirts, end of the year field trips, I am tapped out, and my wallet is like what you see in the cartoons: when you open it, dust and moths are the only things coming out.

With my kids being in elementary school, we have a lot of teachers on our list that impact our kids every day. Normally I am the gift card fairy during Teacher Appreciation Week, but this year, I do not know how I am going to get it done.

Earlier in the week, I put a poll out in our Coastal Bend Mom Community Group asking teachers and former teachers what they might ACTUALLY like for Teacher Appreciation Week.

While gift cards were probably the top ask for teacher appreciation week, letters to their principals and administration were a close second.

I don’t think I had ever thought of doing this.

While I am going to do my best to make a few small gift cards, along with a note of thanks, happen to our teachers directly. This year I am going straight to the top, emailing principals and boards with my thanks and gratitude for the teachers making a difference in my kid’s lives each year – spelling out the ways that these specific teachers have impacted my kids over the year!

And then, I vow not to be as quick to jump into the email boxes of these same people only when something is wrong, but also when things are good!

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What do you do for Teacher Appreciation Week when the budget is tight?

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