How to Plan a Coastal Bend Staycation


Some years my family is able to head out of town for a nice little getaway vacation. Other years, work obligations, sports, and more, don’t allow us to travel. Those years, we try to still make the break fun, and we plan a Coastal Bend staycation!

How to Plan a Coastal Bend Staycation

What is a staycation? Well, it’s just that. A staycation means you stay put…well, kind of.

It means you forget about airport security, the long road trips, the packed suitcases, and the faraway destinations. Yes, you may have to forego the fancy restaurants, hotels, and huge amusement parks in other cities. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. In fact, you may discover that your city and the surrounding area is just where you want to be!

Corpus Christi, here we come… or, here we are!

Where to Stay During Your Staycation

I know the obvious answer is home. This is especially true when you don’t want to spend a lot of money, or you simply like the comfort of your own bed. There really is no place like home. Plus, you will have easy access to all your things, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting something. For more excitement, plan a campout in your backyard or right inside your living room. Trust me; your kids will love you for this one!


Another place to stay would be a hotel along the beach or a neighboring town. When our two older children were toddlers, we wanted to go on vacation. But, traveling with little ones was not always ideal. We stayed at the Radisson Hotel-Corpus Christi Beach, and enjoyed a staycation while exploring North Beach. We did the whole touristy thing and took the kids to the Texas State Aquarium and to the Lexington. It really felt like a vacation for our whole family because we were away from home for the weekend, and still had a great time.

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What to Do on Your Staycation

As I said before, we enjoyed being tourists in our own city. Visit a museum, downtown, the beach, a local park, or one of the city’s favorite landmarks. Check out our Ultimate Visitor’s Guide to Corpus Christi & Surrounding Areas for the perfect way to plan your days.

Don’t mind going for a little drive? Take a day trip somewhere nearby. Our family has taken day trips to Lake Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, or simply spent the day on the Island. We hit the local shops, the beach, played some mini-golf and had some delicious seafood while we were there.

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What to Eat During Your Staycation

If you really want to be on vacation, then maybe you should eat like you are on vacation. Want a break from cooking and being stuck in the kitchen all day? Plan on eating out at least once during your staycation. Avoid the usual fast-food restaurants, and eat local. Try a restaurant you’ve never been to, a mom-and-pop favorite, a local food truck, or another family-friendly restaurant in town. I think my kids will request a staycation breakfast at Atomic Omelette or Andy’s Country Kitchen. Maybe we’ll meet my husband for lunch at Hester’s Cafe, or dinner at Snoopy’s Pier. The options are endless.

If eating out is not for your family, then pack a lunch and picnic at Cole Park or even in your own backyard!

When you are in the mood for some home cooking, bring the whole family into the kitchen to help. Have the kids plan what kind of meals they want to eat during their staycation. Even better, visit one of the farmer’s markets in the area. Then, make a special meal from your purchases!

Don’t forget your camera…it is vacation time, after all!

Will you have a Staycation this year? What are your favorite things to do during your staycations?