End of the Year Teacher Gifts: Gifts to Buy


It is the end of the year, and that means that it is time to let your child’s teacher(s) know just how much you appreciate all of the time they spent this year pouring into their students. I have put together a list of gift ideas for every budget and that could work for elementary all the way to high school.

Teacher gifts


Have your student write their teacher(s) a note of gratitude.

This is a good way to let your child’s teacher know they are appreciated and at the same time model gratitude and ways to express that gratitude to your child. It is also budget friendly!

Movie tickets, plus a little extra for something from the concession stand.

Let’s face it, teaching is, in my opinion, one of the hardest jobs, all of the extra hours they put in. I can only imagine a night at the movies to kick off summer would be a welcomed gift. If you are buying for multiple teachers you could also get a smaller gift card for each to offset the cost for them.

A book for their classroom library.

Every teacher I have ever known has wanted a diverse library to have in their class for kids to read during down times. A new book they can keep from year to year would be a welcomed addition.

A Spa gift certificate.

This one may be me projecting my own desires, but seriously if anyone needs a relaxing day it is our teachers. {And while I’m there I might as well make sure the spa is really good, you know just to be sure}

Something from the garden.

If you have a particularly beautiful flower garden, or maybe a garden full of vegetables and herbs you can easily pull together a few goodies for your student to take to their teacher(s). This year my kids planted tomato plants and my son took his teacher a few special tomatoes that he grew himself to say thank you for being a great teacher. If you do not have your own garden a bouquet from Wild Veggie Bouquet would be a gorgeous surprise to bring to class and bonus you would be supporting a local coastal bend business. 

Turn the class picture into metal art.

This is a new {at least new to me} way of printing pictures that will last for years to come. And there is a local shop, Corpus Christi Camera, that can make them for you here

Class decorated T-shirt.

This will take some planning and coordination between parents but you could have each child draw a picture and sign their names and take them to a local print shop to be made into a t-shirt for their teacher. {more of an elementary teacher idea}

Gift certificate to a local coffee shop.

Because it is just a fact that I need caffeine to make it through the day, and so do our teachers! Find a list we had on the blog before about some of our favorite coffee shops to visit here

Basket of school supplies.

It is May and more than likely the teachers have now spent hundreds of their own money to make sure their classroom has had the supplies needed to function. I can only imagine they are just trying to hold on for a few more days with whatever pens, pencils, and Clorox wipes that are left. Give them a jump on next year by replenishing their supply!

A book for them to relax and read over the summer.

Books are an amazing tool, you can be anywhere and instantly be transported to a new world or time. After pouring so much of themselves into their students over the year, relaxing with a book may be just the refresh your teacher may need!


Let’s us know in the comments what you are doing for the teachers in your life! And have a GREAT summer!