We Love the Coastal Bend : Series || Raspas


We are in the midst of celebrating our beloved Coastal Bend! We might be under a stay-at-home order right now, but we are all dreaming and planning of the days that we can get back out and explore! Be sure to follow along this week (and next!) as the CCMB team shares some of our favorite things in the Coastal Bend – will your fave make the list?


Anyone that knows me, knows I’m all about the sweets. Cookies, candy, cake, cupcakes are the way to my heart; BUT nothing can quite compare to a Raspa (snow cone).

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As a child growing up in a single stoplight town; the snow cone stand was The. Place. To. Be. It was simply two old train cars joined together. Looking back it possibly was the most hip business in that town. I would ride my bike to get a treat nearly every day in the summer. Back then my poison was rainbow. My Dad’s was tigers blood.

What does this have to do with the Coastal Bend?

When my wife and I discussed moving here, it was a hard sell for me. I was leaving family, a friend group, and a house I loved and had worked hard on. One of the bribes Krystal offered was she would get me Raspas anytime I wanted – only half-joking.

Three years later I remind her of this promise often, even though the move to the Coastal Bend was the best possible thing for our family.

Sidenote: When I was pregnant especially a banana Raspa was my go-to craving from SNO-BALL.

Now out of my belly, Amelia is reaping the benefits of this promise her Mommy made to Momma.