After Hurricane Harvey: How You Can Help From Home


Small Town Strength and Survival- Hurricane Harvey and the Texas Gulf Coast- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

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A few weeks ago, Hurricane Harvey blew through the Coastal Bend and devastated our community. While Corpus Christi didn’t receive the brunt of the damage as predicted, our neighboring communities like Rockport, Ingleside, Port Aransas, Bayside, Refugio, Aransas Pass, and others were literally destroyed… some communities just 15 miles away from our home in Corpus Christi.

The photos and stories we have been encountering are haunting. Seeing these places in person  is daunting… but I actually haven’t been to these communities yet. My husband has been out there, serving and cleaning up debris, but I have been home.

I have been home with my kids while my husband, friends, and relatives have been out and serving… I have been home and feeling incredibly guilty about it. My heart wants to go, but there are 4 little kids in my own home who need me.

Even as I type this, I feel so selfish typing my feelings and frustrations out loud. What I realized was, I had made this hurricane about me. And it’s not about me. Sometimes, staying home with my kids while my husband is out serving is the best way I can serve these hurting communities. It’s not the most exciting, it won’t get the most Shares and Likes on social media, but it’s the reality for many moms with little ones at home. What I have realized is that there are many ways stay at home moms can get involved in the hurricane relief, so I wanted to share a few with you, and get more ideas from other moms as well!

Here are some ideas and actions we can take, and get our kids involved too:

  1. Prayer: To some, this may not seem like much… but I believe there is some extraordinary power in prayer. If this is a common practice for your family, keep these people in your prayers. The recovery from Hurricane Harvey is going to take a long time.
  2. Donations: Now, before randomly donating all the clothes in your closet, contact a local organization that is working alongside with these cities. Ask them directly what the needs are, and donate to those needs.
  3. Food: Consider providing breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks to those working and living in these towns. Many still don’t have power, and there are still a lot of restaurants closed. A real meal can speak
  4. Contributions: Again, see what organizations or churches are out there and working with communities. Do research on the different funds and charities. Find one that your heart aligns with, and if you feel led to contribute financially, go for it. You can find a few ideas here.

I would love to hear from you! What other ways can moms and others help from home to assist those affected by Hurricane Harvey?

Hurricane Harvey caused serious destruction in Houston, but also in small towns along the Texas Gulf Coast, which were seriously damaged or destroyed. From Port Aransas and Rockport to Woodsboro, Bayside, and Tivoli, our community and its history will never be the same. So we’re sharing stories of love, loss, strength, and survival in the Coastal Bend.

Do you have a story or perspective you’d like to share? We’d love for you to submit a guest post and share your experience of Hurricane Harvey.

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