Old School Things I Want to Make a Comeback


We all have those old school things that we miss about when we were growing up. Things that we wish we could bring back.

I have my top three old school activities, which I am planning on bringing back.

Handwritten Letters

Did you know that a survey done in 2010 shows that the average home receives one personal letter every seven weeks? No wonder people dislike checking the mail! They only get bills and junk mail, which I think it’s time to change. Don’t write off the impact of handwritten letters.

Those letters took precious time to write, which is so much sweeter than a text or email. I think so, anyway. Writing a letter by hand says, “I value our friendship/relationship.” Oh be still my beating heart! That’s really sweet, right? Handwriting letters also helps the sender, because those letters show appreciation, gratitude, and remembrance. That’s really something special. Don’t let the evolution of communication keep in you text and email mode. Write those letters!

Getting My Hands Dirty

Those pesky empty statements of, “if you need me, call.” I am oh so guilty of saying it, yet I am forgetting that many times people don’t reach out when they need help. Forgetting human nature or not really knowing what to say leads to empty statements like the one above. What’s true for me isn’t true for everyone, but if I have no idea what’s going on in my head or what I am feeling, then how am I supposed to reach out?

Of course, I would be there, listen, and do my best to provide comfort if you did reach out to me. Yet, in that moment, my heart may be in the right place, but my hands are clean. I am not walking through the muck and mire of life with that person. A good place to start is asking, “What do you need from me?” Maybe they need ears to listen, or maybe they need a hand to hold. Maybe they need more. When you ask what they need, you’re not overstepping, yet you’re not under stepping either. Your hands are dirty, pulling them out of the dirt.

Rising Before the Sun

I have not gotten up before the sun since my daughter was a baby. Looking back, I realize those were some of my best mornings.

I love early mornings when it feels like the rest of the world is asleep and you’re the only one who’s awake and everything feels like it isn’t really real and you kind of forget about all your problems because for now its just you, the world, and the sunrise. ~unknown

I want to bring back mornings like that. Mornings where it’s me, coffee, nature, and my thoughts. Those things make waking up earlier a little less daunting.

Do you have favorite things you’d love to make a comeback?

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