How to Find the Perfect Newborn Photographer

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You see that plus sign on your pregnancy test and a FLOOD of emotion hits you in the blink of an eye! A BABY! A baby is coming!!!

Congratulations! How scary/exciting/surprising/(insert your reaction here)!  Probably the LAST thing on your mind at that moment is getting your baby’s photos taken, but down the line, as you settle into your new growing body, thoughts of how you will capture those precious first few weeks will, undoubtedly, enter your mind.

But what do you do next?

These are the questions to ask and things you SHOULD consider before your newborn’s photography session!

Newborn Family Session- Bumble-B Photography- Corpus Chrsiti Moms Blog

What is Fresh48?

For Fresh48 sessions, your photographer comes in and captures documentary style photos of your new baby. Typically, just immediate family members such as Mom, Dad, baby’s siblings, and maybe grandparents are photographed within the first 48 hours of baby’s life. This usually takes place in the hospital, but some parents opt for a lifestyle home session within a day or so of discharge.

At Bumble-B Photography, Cheryl typically handles this session the morning of discharge, when the hospital or home room is flooded with beautiful morning light, perfect for capturing those first intimate photos of your new bonding experience! Your hospital typically provides in-house photography for a few snapshots of baby, but if you’d like documentary style photos, consider finding a quality newborn photographer who also offers Fresh48 services.

You can learn more about what to expect from a Fresh48 session on Bumble-B Photography’s website.

Fresh48 Newborn Hospital Sessions- Bumble-B Photography- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

When Should I Book My Baby’s Newborn Session?

It is recommended that you book your newborn photographer around the time you pack your hospital bag. Typically, this is when you are 6 or 7 months along or earlier, especially if your dream photographer books way in advance.

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What Should I Consider When Looking for a Newborn Photographer?

1. Safety

Safety is #1. 

Newborn photographers have a VERY special job when you hand your precious babe over for photographs. Please, please…. this is not to scare you. Be sure your photographer knows how to handle a newborn properly and safely.

Newborns are fragile. Your photographer should be very conscious and knowledgeable of baby’s anatomy and posing techniques. The photographer should always have safe practices when it comes to posing babies in props (by always having a spotter or assistant, and a properly weighted prop) to ensure baby is safe while being posed for a photo.  Poses such as Potato Sack, Froggy, and any other pose where baby LOOKS like they are holding themselves upright should ALWAYS be done as a composite… which means multiple photographs are taken and merged into one image, even though it APPEARS that baby is holding themselves up.

In photography sessions by Bumble-B Photography, an assistant always has a hand on baby for support. Babies should NEVER, NEVER be allowed to support their own weight. Cheryl of Bumble-B Photography also performs advanced style poses that are are ALWAYS done safely. There is always a hand holding the baby. Her clients can attest that their baby is never left balancing in ANY way, even though the final resulting image looks that way.

It’s worth repeating. Safety first!

Froggy Newborn Photo Session Pose- Bumble-B Photography- Corpus Chrsiti Moms Blog

An example of a Composite (Froggy Pose)

2. Budget

Moment of truth here. Know your budget for newborn photos. Having a baby is very expensive and hiring a wonderful and knowledgeable newborn photographer can definitely be a chunk of that investment. Newborns are only newborns once in their lives, and savoring these moments is worth every single penny.

Consider what memory preservation products your photographer offers that may interest you. Are you more interested in digital media to share? Unlimited printing ability? Or is a big, beautiful canvas of that ONE amazing image you love what you really want?

3. Specialty

Is your photographer a newborn specialist?  Do they have everything you’ll need? Think about outfits, props, wraps, and beyond. Many photographers who specialize in newborns have everything you need, you’ll only need to select colors and show up! You may also select a preferred set up that you would like to have incorporated. Generalist photographers (who do not particularly specialize in newborn photos) may require that you bring your own items to have the baby photographed in specific outfits or with props. Sometimes it’s worth it to just pay a little bit more to go with a newborn specialist, and have everything taken care of for you. To be honest as the old adage goes “you get what you pay for” is very true for ANY subject of photography.

At Bumble-B Photography, Cheryl welcomes outfits purchased by parents as well as those she has on hand, after-all, these are photos of YOUR baby. Just know that you don’t need to worry about it if you don’t have anything.

Newborn Wrap Pose with Mom- Bumble-B Photography- Corpus Chrsiti Moms Blog

What Vibe Does Your Newborn Photographer Give You?

This is especially important. Newborn photographers know they are handling little precious souls, the most important part of a family at that moment. It’s your photographer’s job to earn your trust! If you love your photographer’s work, they may just be the person you take your baby to for many, many, if not all, his or her years. Make sure the connection you make with this person will be a lasting one, and that you are assured your photographer will take care of your needs when it comes to your session, your baby, and the products that are produced.

Newborn Session Daddy's Hands- Bumble-B Photography- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

How Old Should My Baby Be for a Newborn Session?

Newborn sessions are typically done at 7-21 days old.  Why the time limit? Newborn babies are typically the most sleepy and “curly” around this time-frame, and will more easily settle into those cute little squishy poses that we all love so much!  Past this time frame, newborn babies start waking more readily and are starting to stretch out from being all squished up in momma’s womb. This means they may not be able to pose as easily. Alternative posing options are needed to capture older newborns and these don’t include some of the poses you find most often on Pinterest.

Newborn Photo- Bumble-B Photography- Corpus Chrsiti Moms Blog

How Do We Prepare for Our Newborn Session?

This will vary from photographer to photographer. Cheryl of Bumble-B Photography emails a newborn session packet to clients that includes sleepy baby tips. These guidelines really help ensure a sleeping newborn and full maximization of photo session time with a calm and restful baby. Even if newborns are awake, Cheryl can photograph newborns so long as they are happy and calm. Those photos seem to be some of her client’s FAVES! A warm bath and a full and satisfied baby really aid in making baby relaxed for their photo session.

Naked Newborn Photo Pose- Bumble-B Photography- Corpus Chrsiti Moms Blog

What Can I Expect at a Typical Newborn Session?

This will vary by photographer and the type of session you have chosen. TYPICAL newborn photo sessions last from 2-4 hours. Some go a bit longer, but this all depends on baby as well. The star of the show is a person all their own and sometimes they have different plans for their sessions! In general, typical newborn sessions include wrapped poses, one or two prop set ups, a posing on a bean bag with a few different colors of blanket backdrops, and parent and sibling photos.

Bumble-B Photography offers an abbreviated one hour session that is all wrapped poses for just baby that meets a wider budget criteria, but her advanced posing is in her full newborn session, as are parent poses.

Studios are normally heated in someway. This is especially true for newborn photographers who take photographs of naked newborns who need to be warm and comfy. Sometimes a studio can be upwards of 80 degrees, so make sure you ask your photographer about this and dress accordingly.

Newborn studios are typically quiet, or your newborn photographer may have some sort of white noise device running, as babies LOVE the noise that makes them feel like they are back in the womb.  If you are bringing baby’s older siblings, it is typically recommended that you bring along another caretaker to take the children somewhere fun after family photos are taken so the photographer and parent (typically Mom) can finish up with the newborn in a calm and quiet environment so baby sleeps as long as possible.  This is especially helpful to make sure that the focus is not removed from baby, and no equipment gets knocked over by busy older siblings. 

Bumble-B Photography has a workflow that takes the baby through wrapped poses, beanbag poses, parent poses and prop poses all within this time frame, and also generates a great variety of different poses and looks for parents to see for their reveal within a week or so. At her studio, within a week or so, you would attend an ordering session to see a beautiful slideshow set to music, and would then select your final images and products! It’s SO hard to choose, but so much fun!!!

What Products are Typically Offered with Professional Newborn Photography?

This varies with each studio, but is important to ask about. What products are YOU interested in?  Many, but not all photographers, offer a variety of albums, canvas and prints, or even digital images.

Bumble-B Photography offers these items as well as birth announcements, wood prints, gallery wraps, framed prints and metals. Their digital package is their most popular collection and includes an album, canvas and digital images!

Newborn Photo Session Products- Bumble-B Photography- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Why is Newborn Photography So Expensive?

While prices on Newborn Photography vary, your photographer’s work will go far beyond your photography session. For instance, when it comes to editing, newborns are ESPECIALLY tricky, as they likely have blemishes, jaundice, redness, flakes, acne, etc. that are typical with newborn skin. Additionally, photographers must stay current on the most recent safety and posing techniques.

Bumble-B Photography edits babies so their skin is more true to an even creamy tone. Cheryl typically hauls her 1/4 studio equipment along to perform in-home sessions so Corpus Christi and Victoria parents do not have to drive all the way out to Woodsboro with a brand new baby. She always tells her parents as she walks in the door, “I know it looks like I am moving in, but I promise I will leave!” Haha!  Then families can enjoy the comfort of their home where all of their baby’s necessities are. Then, everything is set up, services performed and equipment packed up!

Culling (sorting to pick the best of the best images to show) and the actual editing of those chosen images is an hours upon hours process away a photographer’s children and family too, and frankly, they like getting paid for their job too! ?  Education… again…. more education (they never stop learning,) and props… did we mention the props… outfits, headbands, wraps, hats, stuffed animals, backdrops! And more! Newborn and infant photography takes ALOT to make sure that parents who invest in this service get the images worthy of the price.

Invest in the BEST photographer your budget will allow and you will not regret it!

Hopefully this information helps ease your mind! So, go ahead and get your Google on! There are lots of well qualified newborn photographers in the Coastal Bend!! Find someone who matches your style! This resource guide may also help.

Last but not least, congrats again and best of luck in your newborn photography search!

May you find someone amazing who fits your needs, and may these insights help you with this super amazing journey that is photographing your baby!!! 

If your budget allows it, go with the best you can, and don’t live with regret of the DIY newborn photos. Newborns are TOUGH (sometimes even for photographers) and you have enough to worry about! Leave the memory capturing to your photographer and let them care for you from your Maternity session to newborn and beyond!!!

For booking information or to refer an expecting family member to Bumble-B Photography, LLC please contact Cheryl directly.  She can’t wait to hear from you!

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