How This Momma Is Surviving Summer: What you can do.


Every family comes in different sizes. I married into a large family (not exaggerating when I say large). Currently we live with my sister in-law and her family, she and my husband both work and I stay home take care of my daughter and help with her kids when needed. Most of the time it’s like I have four kids instead one.

So, it can get a ‘little’ rambunctious and if you’re wondering how I am surviving the summer…well that’s a great question: sometimes I’m not sure.

Are there moments you ask yourself, “when does school start again?” Don’t get me wrong I love my daughter and I love spending time with her, she’s my whole world. But sometimes you need a break.

Here are a few ways that I am surviving the summer!

Some of my requirements:
• Patience
• Cat Naps
• Creative Thinking
• Caffeine

Me time relaxing… ready for a nap. 

For My Sanity:

• Me Time
• Date Nights
Girls Night

If I don’t take care of myself, I won’t be any use to these kiddos. Even if I just grab five minutes alone in my room or treat myself to some coffee. Summer also means that other moms are trying to find ways to survive too, so I make a date with my gal pals to have nights out and get away for a bit. My husband and I try to find time together too, we recruit one of our relatives for babysitting duty and have date nights.  

It’s important to have a support system not only during the Summer but year-round. My husband, my in-laws, my mom, and my mom friends, we survive together. Pretty soon these kiddos will be all grown up and we will miss these Summer breaks. But don’t forget to take a break from your Summer break, you deserve it mom.

How are YOU surviviving the summer?  

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Jessica Davila
Jessica has lived in Corpus Christi almost all her life and loves it. Together with her husband Roy they are raising their beautiful , almost 6 year old daughter, Angelina. Being a stay at home mom has taught her a lot and she treasures each moment of motherhood. Jessica is quiet in person, but give her a pen and paper and she will write a novel. She loves reading, writing, watching movies and listening to music. She is a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan and loves anything chocolate. She is very excited to begin her blogging adventure, and getting to know the CCMB community of mommas.