10 Wishes for my Children


I’ve always dreamed about being a mother. What will they look like, sound like, smell like. I always pictured myself with a little girl. When I was pregnant with my first, I had a vivid dream of a little girl. But I only saw the back and side profile. She had long brown wavy hair and little black framed glasses. But never once did I see her face. So when I found out she was in fact a boy, I felt like I lost my little girl. 

It was definitely not a loss. In fact, God knew I needed my little boy. He has taught me about getting dirty, being loud, and patience. A whole lot of patience.

10 Wishes for My Children 1

Now here I am nearing the last couple of weeks of pregnancy, with another boy, and I find myself asking the same questions as I did with the first. Except this time, how will they resemble each other, or how their relationship will be.

10 Wishes for My Children 2

Now, I know I may not be a genie and grant wishes, but I have some personal wishes for my kids.

We all want what’s best for our little ones. I mean after all they know what our heartbeat sounds like from the inside.

So, I’ve complied 10 Wishes for My Children:

    1. Always be true to yourself. Oh my babies, always be yourself. Don’t try to fit when you were born to stand out make a difference. In our world nowadays, it can be intimidating and worrisome, but follow your own path. You will attract your own tribe.
    2. Kindness. Always always be kind. Even on your hardest days, find a way to compliment yourself or another human. It will not only lift that persons spirit but yours as well!
    3. Love. Yourself and others whole heartedly. 
    4. Be understanding. 
    5. Be Creative. Put your mind to work and don’t settle for anything less. 
    6. Always do the right thing, even when you’re wrong.
    7. Be grateful. For everything. That includes for who and what you have.
    8. A lifetime of health. Physically, mentally and emotionally.
    9. Be respectful. Not only your elders, but everyone. 
    10. Be Successful. Work hard and conquer your dreams. Never be content, always want more and better for yourself.

My only hope is, as they grow older, that they never second guess my love for them. And I hope that one day, we can sit and have them write down wishes of their own.

10 Wishes for My Children 3

So I encourage you to let me know about one wish you have for your child(ren) that is important to you.