10 Reasons to Love Life in Corpus Christi

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When I went away for college, like many young Corpus Christi natives, I didn’t plan on coming back. I wanted to travel and do big things away from my home town. The world was my oyster!

But our family’s roots run deep in Corpus Christi and returning home made sense. Since coming back, I’ve made the choice to enjoy the many great things our community has to offer. I’ve started a family and have had the chance to meet and learn from local friends. Rachel loves Corpus Christi’s beaches. Angel loves our art. Mary loves South Texas culture. Pam loves life in the country. There seems to be something for everyone in the Coastal Bend!

And me?

Well, our family plans on calling Corpus Christi home for the foreseeable future. We are thankful we’re here and love the great things our community offers. But just one reason we love life here? I can’t do that. So I’ll give you 10.

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Ten Reasons Our Family Loves Life in Corpus Christi:

1. Coastal Living Coastal Living- Reasons Our Family Loves Life in Corpus Christi- Corpus Christi Moms Blog
I don’t go to the beach much. I’m a ginger and I BURN. But our Bayfront is breathtaking! Our water views are unmatched. In college, one of my favorite things was driving the Portland Causeway and Harbor Bridge on my way home. I’m still in awe of Corpus Christi’s beauty when I come home from a trip. Our Bayfront is one of my favorite things to show off when visitors are in town. It makes for a beautiful walk and a great backdrop while my son plays at Cole Park. And if you’re into fishing, surfing, hiking, birding, biking, or hitting the beach, the options for outdoor and water activities in Corpus Christi are vast. Heck, the perks of living on the Coast could be a top 10 list of their own!

2. Warm Weather
Somewhere I heard it snows once every hundred years in Corpus Christi. Remember when it snowed Christmas Eve 2004? Of course, you do! It never happens, so it’s special… Even a miracle! And when it’s not snowing? We enjoy the sunshine!

Warm Weather- Reasons Our Family Loves Life in Corpus Christi- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

I feel sorry for friends across the country who are bundled up and stuck at home for snow days. Our winters get just cool enough for light jackets and cute scarves but never require shoveling sidewalks, putting chains on tires, or being shut indoors while a blizzard passes. We’re also able to go outside and play most days, and what kid (or mom!) doesn’t love that?

3. Mexican Food
I know. We have a taqueria on every corner. Great Mexican food is everywhere! I miss our taquerias every time I travel, and honestly, I probably eat Mexican food 2-3 times a week. Good Mexican food is a blessing. Really. I am forever thankful for good breakfast tacos, fajitas, and margaritas. And guacamole. And picante. And queso. Well, you get the idea. You’ll find it all here.

4. Our Size… Just Right
My husband likes big cities. I like the small ones. Corpus Christi fits us just right. Our community is big enough to have options but small enough that people know your name and are glad to meet you. It’s also the perfect community to jump in, get involved, and make an impact. Try something new! Make a difference! Start a business! It’s all possible here!

5. Arts, Culture, and Entertainment Arts and Entertainment- Museum of Science and History- Reasons Our Family Loves Life in Corpus Christi- Corpus Christi Moms Blog
Corpus Christi has lots to offer. We have a top-notch Symphony, Aquarium, and Art Museum. Our Science and History Museum’s new Science Center meets or beats similar exhibits in larger cities. We even get to celebrate cultural influences through Folklorico dance, mariachis, and annual events like the Greek festival.

6. Laid Back Vibe
I love that we’re a casual, low key town. When I was working corporate jobs, business casual was perfect attire most days. And no matter the weather, flip flops are often in order. Corpus Christi is a great place to relax, rest easy, and be yourself.

7. NAS Corpus Christi and NAS Kingsville
Thanks to our Naval Air Stations Corpus Christi and Kingsville, we have a strong military presence here. Not only do we have the opportunity to welcome and get to know new folks when they are stationed in the area, but our local economy benefits from their economic impact. We even get to enjoy community events like visits from the Blue Angels!

8. Easy Travel
This might seem like a small thing to some, but we have an airport. Since our family loves to travel, that means we can go anywhere fairly easily. Direct flights are limited, but trips to larger hubs are short flights away. And you’re not going to have to fight crazy traffic or long lines at Corpus Christi International Airport. 

In addition to that, we’re a prime location for road trips. Be spontaneous! Hop in the car. Destinations like Rockport, Victoria, Port Aransas, San Antonio, and more are all a day trip away!

9. Affordability
We have all the things mentioned above. We live on this beautiful Texas coast. We have Whataburger and the Corpus Christi Hooks. But on top of all these things, it’s affordable to live here!

10. Friends and Family
It’s great having loved ones around. Sure, you can meet people and make friends anywhere. But because I live in Corpus Christi, my son can play with his cousin. Or my best friend’s boys. My best friend since kindergarten. That’s pretty awesome. There’s always room for new friends, but having the old ones around is incredibly special.

Can you blame us? We love where we live!

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