Gavie Remaly

Gavie Remaly
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The Natural Path to Health: Living Holistically Whole

  Every year the ever-popular resolution to get “healthy” happens around New Year's, or the First of the Month, or before that summer vaca. But what does getting healthy mean? Is it just focused on...

The Christmas Blues: Recognizing and Coping with Holiday Depression

As everyone is cheerfully bustling about getting Elf on the Shelf staged and Christmas shopping completed or started this season, I am reveling in the feeling of actually wanting to put my tree up...
Savory Sweet Potatoes & Brussels Sprouts: A New Thanksgiving Favorite

Bacon Sweet Potatoes & Brussels Sprouts: A New Thanksgiving Favorite

Nothing says fall and Thanksgiving like sweet potatoes. For a majority of my life, I was NOT a fan of sweet potatoes as they were always prepared as a type of dessert and seasoned...

Dating Your Spouse in 3 Easy Steps: A Coastal Bend Date Night

My husband and I started dating again not too long ago after becoming new parents. I say “new,” but our daughter just turned two this past summer. We were beyond ready to get out...
Dating Your Spouse

The Impact of Parenthood and Dating Your Spouse

Becoming a new parent is so tough! As mothers, we can all relate to how mentally taxing learning to navigate Motherhood is. We read all the posts and memes about how tired we are,...
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Working Moms: Advocate For A Work-Life Balance

I have always valued being a reliable employee with a strong work ethic. I strive to excel and take pride in knowing that I got the job done right. I guess you could also...