A Review Of an Escape and Solve Mystery Board Game


I recently learned (after almost 12 years) that Clue is my husband’s favorite board game. (I had to have known this already…but years of motherhood had erased that knowledge) 

So one weekend, when we had one kid grounded from technology, we rallied as a family and pulled out the board game stash. When I noted that I had not actually ever played Clue, or at least I couldn’t remember playing clue (Again: Note the years of motherhood that I swear have erased things from my brain), my husband declared that we would all learn to play. After two days of a few rounds of the original Clue Game, we all wanted to see if we could find a new version to play, so my husband headed to the store and found this version for us all to play called “Clue: Treachery at Tudor Mansion“. (We also ordered this Critical Role version, and I have The Office Clue game on my wish list!) 

The game Clue: Treachery at Tudor Mansion

When my husband first opened the box, he realized by the instructions that this was not going to be like our original game of Clue, it took a little bit, but we finally figured out what we were supposed to be doing. However, we had some opinions, so I wanted to give you an honest review since this is not something sponsored; we bought this with our own money.

We feel like others might want to have some more info before buying this game.

  • One of the most important things to know about this game that I wished we would have realized is…. YOU CAN ONLY PLAY IT ONCE!!! That’s it! Once you have finished and solved the mystery, there is no going back; you will already have all the answers. Maybe if you pack it away long enough, you could play again once the information becomes fuzzy, but that is unlikely. So while the box advertised plastic-free packaging, I imagine many of these end up in the trash or sitting in people’s closets for a very long time after playing.
  • You have to follow the directions VERY closely because if you go through looking at things or opening things willy-nilly, you will end up ruining the whole game for yourself.
  • The game can be played with up to 6 people, but my husband and I agree it would be the most fun with only two people. Unlike the original game, you are not competing against the other players but working together. The more people you have playing means, the more you have to work together to solve a puzzle that you each collected on your turn. What we found because we were playing with our kids, the adults ended up doing the work to solve the puzzles, and they got a little bored during those parts. So if you are playing with a group of adults, it would be a little different, but if you are trying to play with kids, they might be more like ours that start to lose interest.
  • I did appreciate the hints in the instruction book; however, there were only a couple of puzzles that we needed hints on because we were totally stuck.

Family playin Clue: Treachary at Tudor Mansion board game

Overall we agreed that we really liked the game. I do believe our kids were a little too young for it. (they are 7 and 9) The box did say ages 10 and up, so I knew they might struggle a little. So if you are thinking of buying this for your family and you, like us, have kids on the younger side, I would wait on this game.


If you are buying this for a group of adults to play, it could be a really fun mystery party game to play for less than 20 bucks. Or you have a very theatrical family with older kids, it would be worth it for a one-time family game night.

Family playin Clue: Treachary at Tudor Mansion board gameWhat are your favorite board games to play? Any versions of Clue that you think my family should try?

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