The Wonder of Motherhood


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My son and I went to see the movie “Wonder” over the holidays. He had been begging to see it ever since he saw the trailer. My daughter had read the book in class and then went, with her class, to see it. I knew the premise of the movie before we went; however, it turned out to be so much more.

Not only does it tell the story of a sweet boy forced to face life with deformities that caused him to be bullied, but it also shows how his struggles impact the rest of his family and takes a look at why people bully others. As I watched Julia Roberts, who plays the child’s mother, look into her child’s eyes and try to convince him (and herself!) that the other children would like him and it would be OK,  the tears started flowing.

As mothers, we do our best to try and calm our children’s fears and insecurities, all the while wondering… ‘Will it be ok?’ ‘Will THEY be ok?’

Will they be able to handle the hard things life will throw their way?

We wonder, as mothers, if we have done our jobs and raised kind, gracious, and loving human beings. We wonder if they will find their voice and use it to, not only stick up for themselves, but also for others.

One of the things I try and tell my children when they have been hurt by another child at school is that, more times than not, the person that hurt you, is also hurting. The movie showed that side of it and I was so glad that my son got to see that perspective.

I tell them to always be kind because we never know what battle people are fighting.  

In the movie, the boy’s teacher shares an amazing quote with the class:

“When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.”

I could not have said it better myself. Choose kind. Kind is always better… even if it’s not the easier choice.  

While on Pinterest, I found this quote that beautifully sums up a huge part of parenting (and this post):

“Think and Wonder, Wonder and Think” ~ Dr. Seuss

Now, for all those who are wondering, I think I’ll have a glass of wine. Cheers!