So, What is it You Do All Day?


If you choose to be a stay at home mom, I am sure you have heard this question more than once.

I get it why people ask. I had NO idea just how busy a baby would keep me ALL day. I had no clue how much laundry and cleaning I would have, and even with scheduled nap times, I feel like there are just not enough moments in the day!

So how do I spend my days? Here’s what’s typical.

I try to wake up before my husband and baby. The keyword is TRY. I used to be a 5am workout queen. I mean for years I was at the Athletic Club at 5am. Now, the memory of being up that early is distant. I have been able to get up at 6 and head out for a run or into our back room for a 30 minute workout. Getting up before the baby and getting some me time helps so much with the rest of the day.

Before 7:30 when my girl gets up, I get the dogs out, try and start a load of laundry, or do a quick sweep of the floor. And of course, I get the coffee going.

Once little one is up, she is STARVING. We have breakfast, usually with my computer out and me getting started on some work for the day.  At about 6 months postpartum, I decided I wanted to work part time because my hubby was working for the oil field and was home a few days throughout the week. He could help out while I worked. Now that his job has ended, I work whenever and however I can!

After breakfast we head out for a walk. This has to be a favorite part of my day!


When we get home, we hang out in the backyard as I clean the pool for the day and generally try and clean up around the backyard. The dogs are always going nuts with the squirrel enemy and it definitely keeps my daughter occupied and laughing!


Once morning nap rolls around, I hop in the shower and get on the computer to either do work for my part time brokers assistant job or work on my business with Rodan and Fields. I love having both of these opportunities and am so grateful I can do them from home and when I chose!

When nap time is over, we head out of the house, usually to eat some lunch and then either to run errands or enjoy play dates around town! There are days when we head straight to aquarium and enjoy lunch, or, once a week, we treat ourselves to lunch at one of our local favorite places! I am so grateful for other friends who are staying home as well so we get creative with going to parks or hopping from house to house. Community is so necessary!


Scheduling our week makes staying home so much easier. I love knowing what’s to come. From grocery shopping (Thursdays) to lunch dates (Tuesday or Wednesday), certain errands (Monday) and Fridays at the office or substitute teaching, planning your week is a great help!

Afternoon nap time is at 2, and then comes the cleaning/cooking/working/ get EVERYTHING I can done around the house. With this comes yet again another schedule! With a little one and dogs around, cleaning the whole house on one day just doesn’t make sense anymore! I clean certain rooms and things on certain days. Laundry has a day too. It really keeps me sane and helps me know what is to come.

Needless to say, once nap time is over, we have play time, daddy gets home, our family enjoys dinner, and then it’s off to bath and bed.

I feel like every second of our day is full.

I didn’t know that staying home would keep me so stinking busy but I love it! I love that I also have flexibility in my jobs to enjoy these precious moments with my little girl and watch our other friends and their families grow and grow.

That’s what I do all day. I am sure I could do more or less and my little girl wouldn’t care. But this is how we roll. Believe me… when bed time rolls around I am exhausted and wouldn’t have it any other way!