A Mom’s First Weekend Away


I finally had my first mom weekend away, eleven months in.

By no means was it because I was scared to do so or nervous about my husband watching our little girl. Opportunities just hadn’t presented themselves, and with me quitting my full time job, the holidays, and hunting season, a weekend just never came around to leave. Also I didn’t want to have to pump on a “vacation” so sadly we just never left.

Boy, do I regret it! I think my husband and I should have just left a long time ago and trusted a loved one. I think it would have been so good for both of us and would have made it all easier.

However, this last weekend was my first time really away from my little girl, and her amazing daddy had the best weekend with her! I couldn’t be more grateful for the time away.

I am blessed to be surrounded by a community of women: new moms, soon to be moms, not moms yet, and it couldn’t be more perfect. Eleven of us decided we were going to have a girls’ weekend at a family ranch about an hour and half away. Even though it took some time it plan, it was an amazing weekend.

We went to celebrate a friend having her baby in April, but all of us women needed the time away. To disconnect, to have conversations that don’t have to happen after bedtime, to have mimosas in the morning..and maybe afternoon, and into the evening! 🙂 Having yourself surrounded by women who pray with you through the good and bad times, that you can be transparent with, is so necessary, and just what this mamas heart needed.


I encourage any mom, a work out of the home or a stay-at-home mom to get out of town without your babies! Do something for yourself,  your friendships, and your marriage! It makes you enjoy that precious baby even more when you walk in the door. I will never ever forget my little girl’s face when I walked in on Sunday afternoon.

As you plan your trip, one thing I found helpful was writing out our daily routine. Daddy found it useful and little girl wasn’t thrown for a complete loop with what she is used to at home. I also tried to have milk already thawed so dad didn’t have to think about it, along with having some easy foods ready to go for her meals.

For my own sanity I also put off packing until the morning of. I do not know why, but I majorly stress over what I am taking out of town. Not packing until the last minute prevented me from overpacking and overthinking, as I was already overthinking everything else that was going on!

As hard as it is to plan a weekend away, it is precious needed time. I can’t wait for a weekend away with my hubby next.

How old was your child when you first took a trip on your own?


  1. Good for you! I left my baby with my in laws when he was nine months old and my hubby and I went to Dallas for three days. It was great to just get away and have some time to ourselves.

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