Childcare Solutions for the Work at Home Mom


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Childcare for Work at Home Moms - Corpus Christi Moms Blog

As a full-time work at home mom, people often act surprised to hear that my daughter also attends daycare full-time.

It seems as though their expectation is that she would stay home since I happen to be home {but working} as well.

With flexible work environments becoming more and more popular, I’ve been wondering what other work at home moms’ childcare arrangements look like.

Does the norm really match the expectation? I don’t suspect there’s a “right” way, as each family should do what’s best for themselves, but I am curious what other moms in my situation are doing.

There will always be part of me that longs to stay at home with my child and not have to work, but since I’m the “breadwinner” when it comes to family finances, that’s just not in the cards for us right now. My full-time job is a necessity for our well being. Fortunately, I have an amazing job that allows the flexibility of working from home – the next best thing! However, I just don’t have the mental or physical capacity to care for a toddler while getting any work done. I like to think of myself as a multitasker, but that is asking a lot! Working at home with a child - Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Between phone calls, meetings, critical thinking and decision making, I truly believe sending my child to daycare while I work makes me a better employee and mom.

I get the work done that I need to, and she gets all the care and attention she requires. On days when she stays home and I attempt to tackle both roles at once, neither job is completed well. The quality of my work lacks, and I struggle to give my daughter the attention she needs. {Shout out, Bubble Guppies!}

However, I know other work at home moms whose kids stay home.  Work and parenting is literally “all in a day’s work” for them!

I can see the benefits to this approach as well – more time with your children and no budgeting for childcare. I also hear it also gets you exempt from jury duty {WORTH IT!} However, I imagine the constant busyness, prioritization, and time management can be overwhelming at times. For example, I reached out to a friend who fulfills both the work and stay at home mom roles to ask for some of her thoughts, and have yet to hear back 4 months later.

What are other work at home moms doing out there? Perhaps hiring in home childcare? Based on the amount of privacy I get when just attempting to use the restroom alone these days {AKA none}, I’m not sure that would work well for us at this age, but I like the idea of it! Maybe part-time daycare? Less expensive and more time together, but still some time to focus solely on work.

I’d love to hear more ideas on how you take advantage of the benefits of being a work at home mom.

Let us know your thoughts!


  1. I work from home and also get the bewildered look when explaining to people why I can’t keep my son home while working! He goes to daycare full-time. On the rare occasion he is home during the day, I end up having to work longer because you just can’t do both things at once – very well anyways!

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