Are you in the club?


If teenagers are nothing else, they are social! In a time where we are all learning what our new normal is when it comes to being social, kids continue to be a part of all kinds of social groups, clubs, and organizations.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what those clubs/organizations really mean (outside of filling up calendars, draining bank accounts, and emptying gas tanks)?

Most of us know that making sure our kids are well-rounded means that they are a part of several clubs and organizations. As parents, we largely just follow the trends that their friend groups set, write the checks, and provide transportation.

Do we ever question what these clubs/organizations are doing for our children?

In 2023, what does it mean to be part of a, ”Private Social Club?”

Recently, we have been reminded that “Private Social Clubs,” exist in large part to be exclusive and discriminatory. They were formed as a means to keep us separate from those who are from the wrong side of town, with the wrong last name, no social status, active melanin, and not enough money in the bank.

Is that really the message that we want to send our children in 2023?

We really are so much better together. While we continue to raise the next generation of leaders, we all need to make sure that we are encouraging our children to belong to social groups, clubs, and organizations that promote equality, diversity, and opportunities for the entire community regardless of their economic background, family history, race, class, or creed.

We all know that children have the desire to feel included and have a sense that they belong; it is our responsibility to make sure that in pursuit of that, we are teaching them the importance of participating in social activities that they can be proud of.

Remember: it is not how you start; it is how you finish. Just because a club/organization is rooted in exclusivity doesn’t mean it has to continue to be the case.

When you know better, you do better.

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