My Favorite YouTube Channels To Follow


My husband and I both like to joke that we sometimes get sucked into the YouTube rabbit hole.

There are many times when I am soaking in the bath tub after a long day and I will go into my YouTube and watch video after video. 

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In that spirit, I wanted to share my top 5 favorite YouTube channels! 

5. Heidi Somers : I love this channel! Heidi lives in Houston, TX so I feel like I can relate to a lot of the things that she posts. She is a fitness influencer and owns her own athletic wear line called Buff Bunny. She posts a lot of fitness how-to’s and meal ideas. They are always very easy to follow so even if you are a beginner, I feel like you can easily follow her workouts.

4. Juggling the Jenkins : If you are a mom, and want the REAL and HONEST side of parenting, relationships, anxiety and depression THIS is the channel for you!

3. Maria Gloria : I am FAR from a makeup junkie: I rarely do my makeup and when I do, it’s the SAME colors (brown) like every single time. I have become a LITTLE adventurous with my lipstick colors in the last year or so, but, even then, it is rare. Despite that, I LOVE watching Maria review and do makeup on this channel. In my opinion she gives very honest reviews of not only top of the line brands and drug store alike. Although she does give tips here and there, her videos are not really tutorials – just unfiltered reviews on pretty much anything in the beauty world. I will say that she does use a little bit of language in her videos so if that is something that bothers you, you may not always enjoy.

2. Jeffree Star: Again, I do not know why I find it so fulfilling to watch beauty vloggers do their makeup when I don’t know how to do my own. Maybe I have hope that one day, by osmosis, I will get the confidence and ability to do beautiful art like these makeup gurus. Idk? 🙂 Also, I just think that Jeffree is funny and real and makes me laugh! This one I will say is NOT safe for work, or kids. There is a lot of language and adult content, so view wisely.

1. Brandon Farris : This is my top pick for many reasons! He is just plain funny, and his videos almost always can make me laugh out loud and make any day better! One of my routines now is to check his YouTube and Facebook pages in the morning to see if there has been anything new posted. The best part of this channel for me is that he is very clean and I can watch the videos with my kids who also think he is hilarious. His story of how he went from living in his car to being able to support himself with the videos that he makes is very inspiring and he is always so positive. If there were more people in the world doing everything that they can to bring laughter and positivity to those around them like Brandon I think we would have so much more love and joy in our daily lives!


What YouTube channels are you watching this summer? Tell me in the comments if you check out one of these and love it!!!