Living Life with Farm Animals and Loving It


I’m a city-girl gone country, living on a small ranch with a fun variety of farm animals.  Our barn is full of rabbits, chickens, and donkeys.  It definitely took me a while to embrace the country life, but now we’re living life with farm animals and loving it!  You can read more about my transition to the country in How I Came to Love the Country Life.   

We didn’t start our life on the ranch with all the animals we currently have today.  They came through the gate a little at a time.   

As soon as we turn the lock on the back door to head outside for morning chores, the animals come to life in the barn.  We can hear them as soon as they hear the lock turn.  There is a loud cackling that erupts from the chickens. The rabbits start spinning in their cages. The donkeys let out with a stream of eew-awwws.  They are country sounds for sure!  

chickens ccmb

First up, meet ‘Muffin’ and ‘Ms. Frizzle.’  Both are three-year-old hens.  Muffin is a beautiful, buff orpington (we think,) who is such a pretty golden color and Ms. Frizzle is a black cochin.  She has feathers from head-to-toe, including all over her feet!  My son was a huge fan of ‘The Magic School Bus’ episodes when we got ‘Ms. Frizzle.’  So it stands to reason why she ended up with a name like that.  Both are very docile hens who fit into the flock very well.  I never knew how curious and personable chickens could actually be. 

white donkey ccmb
Luna and Lulu

Anyone who has a donkey will tell you they can be quite obnoxious with their demanding nature. When they are hungry they do not hesitate to let you know it!  I have a soft spot for our girls Luna and Lulu. Lulu has a mischievous personality. Rest assured, if you stand too close, she will try to nibble your arm or eat your shirt. She loves for us to scratch her velvety, soft nose.  George is 1 1/2 yrs old and Lulu is his mama. My son named him George because he was very curious, and equally as mischievous as his mama.

Meet George!
Meet George!

A lot of people will tell you that donkeys are quite useless.  I guess that all depends on how you look at it.  Ours doesn’t work for us. They don’t haul things.  We don’t ride them.  They just eat and make fertilizer. Useless?  Maybe.  Yet, for some reason, I can’t part with them.

new zealand rabbit ccmbRabbits are finicky critters. Some tend to be stand-offish and others a bit more friendly. We currently have four females, two males, and three sets of babies.  Pretty soon the babies will be leaving in order to show their pretty side at a stock show.

Our favorite is a sweet mama named Mrs. Cuddles.  She’s as black as coal and has the sweetest spirit. She will pace in front of her cage door, anxiously awaiting a gentle rub every morning.

I’m so grateful for the animals we have.  It’s been an adventure getting to know a life very different from the life I lived in the city.   Animals make that journey a tad bit sweeter.  My aunt recently told me how proud my grandmother would be of me, were she still alive today.  That does my heart some extra good.

Do you have farm animals?  Which one’s are your favorites?