Helpful Tips for Surviving Allergy Season in the Coastal Bend


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Every year, as springtime falls upon us, all of the plants begin to bloom and the pollen counts go up. While the mild weather and springtime scenery remind us why we are proud to call Corpus Christi home, our bodies seem to go haywire. Allergy season is here and along with it comes sneezing, coughing and watery eyes. In other words, a lot of us are just plain miserable!

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you’re one in over 50 million Americans fighting through these yucky symptoms.  In fact, allergies are one of the most common chronic illnesses. Here are a few tips to help support your body and minimize allergy symptoms this time of year:

  • Manage Stress – Allergic reactions are more severe when we are under stress because our nervous systems are already in “fight or flight” mode.  Managing stress in all its forms can go a long way to reduce or even eliminate allergies and their uncomfortable symptoms.
  • Eat Clean – Simple changes like avoiding sugar, fatty and fried foods, refined and processed foods in favor of fresh, leafy green vegetables, lean meats, salads, and fruits can go a long way towards improving your overall health.
  • Remove Dust and Pollutants from Your Home – Dust and pollen can quickly build up in your home creating a potentially toxic environment for anyone suffering from seasonal allergies. Change your AC filter regularly. Dust, vacuum, and wash your sheets in the hottest water possible. A good, allergy-reducing pillowcase may work wonders too! Keep doors and windows closed as much as possible to reduce the pollen that enters your home.
  • Try Essential Oils – 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils harness the life-giving power of plants to provide natural, safe benefits. Essential oils can be used to support detoxification, ease allergy symptoms, and support the immune system year-round.
  • Get an Allergy Test – If all else fails, visit your doctor and ask for an allergy test. Once your specific allergen triggers are identified, your doctor can help you determine the best way to treat your specific allergies.

Allergy season can be tough and finding what works to keep ourselves and our families healthy can be frustrating. As we fight off these un-welcomed symptoms, remember that a positive attitude works wonders. This is only temporary and before we know it, we’ll be able to complain about how hot it is instead of all the pollen!


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Misty is a native Texan but moved to Corpus Christi in 2014 with her family of six when her quadruplets were just eight months old. (That’s right; quadruplets. As in FOUR babies born at the same time.) Misty and her husband Adam spend most of their time tending to their four three-year-olds. She enjoys sharing her adventures in parenting high order multiples and feels that, just as when dealing with quads, it’s always best with a healthy dose of humor and sarcasm. Most of the past four years feel like a blur, spent just trying to survive on God’s grace alone: a struggle with infertility, a challenging pregnancy, three moves (two with quads and one while pregnant.) an emergency delivery, 52 days in the NICU, her mother’s battle and ultimate loss to cancer, and then there’s that whole raising quadruplets alone in a city where she knew no one, miles away from friends and family, while the hubby worked out of town. Blogging and ridiculous amounts of Facebook posting have become a way of life not only in order to stay in touch with loved ones, but also to serve as a reminder of where her family has come from and all they’ve been through. Misty leads a busy life tending to the needs of four very active toddlers, substitute teaching, helping others learn about the amazing benefits of Young Living essential oils, and documenting her journey on her blog at Still, there’s always time in her life for God and crafts. Misty is an active member of Bayshore Bible Church and enjoys all things crafty (presently, all things vinyl.)


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