Tell Someone a Story Today! National Tell a Story Day!


National Tell a Story Day

April 27th is National Tell a Story Day! Do you wish you could tell a good story? It’s easy! All you need is your imagination. Stories make up my life. I love writing stories. I love reading stories, and I love hearing them too. Growing up stories was like a link to my past. My family would sit around the kitchen table and listen to my grandmother tell us stories about her life and childhood stories about us (me and my cousins). I used to love hearing her reminisce about her loved ones.

My daughter loves when we read stories before bedtime. We carve out time to sit and read stories to each other. Sometimes we even just make up stories to tell each other. We come up with crazy characters and silly scenarios. There are so many different kinds of stories to tell out there. Short stories, long stories, fiction (made up), nonfiction (based on actual facts), and they are told in so many different ways.

I love encouraging my daughter’s creativity and seeing her curious face learning as we read together. As for me, I love reading so many types of stories. I love true stories, classic books, romances, mysteries, etc. Reading helps me relax and get away from life for a little bit.

There are many reasons to read or if you do not want to read just tell a story out loud. Stories can also entertain, educate, and inspire us. So, the next time you hear a good story pass it on to someone. You never know how it might change someone’s thinking, spark their creativity, or cause them to invent something new! So, take yourself on a trip to a faraway land or on a vacation to a tropical island, become a wizard or a superhero!

Tell a story today.

National Tell a Story Day