When a Pool Girl Met Corpus Christi’s Beaches


It’s the final days of summer time and that means BEACH!

Actually, my family goes to the beach all year round. #Ilovemycc!

By “my family,” I mean my husband and 3 sons.  They go to the beach nearly every weekend.  They come back covered in sand and full of adventures.  Occasionally, they bring me a prize. Usually it’s something dead and gross.  Once it was a dead jellyfish.  Once it was a dead puffer fish.  Every blue moon it will be a fragment of a sand dollar or starfish, but that’s generally too charming and “Pinterest” for my boys.

Husband was raised in Southern California.  He is truly a beach guy.  He loves Corpus Christi beaches because the waves are perfect for longboarding.  I’m not sure what that means exactly, but nearly every weekend he loads up children, boogie boards and surfboards into the van and heads to a beach.

In the summer I occasionally accompany them.

I was raised in suburban Chicagoland.  I am a pool girl.  I love to swim.  I can do handstands, forward summersaults, backwards summersaults and all sorts of acrobatics like a lumpy manatee frolicking in the waves.  When it comes to the ocean, it’s a different story for me.

Our beaches are perfect for families with young children because the waves can be gentle.  I love that our sand is fine and soft.  The water doesn’t get deep for several yards – perfect for splashing.  There is an abundance of sea life – various shells, birds, dolphins, fish, rays and jellyfish.

The wildlife is one of the reasons my boys love the beach so much.

The wildlife is one of the reasons I don’t.

I know there are sharks in these waters. Don’t sharks eat manatees?  That freaks me out a little.

Jellyfish freak me out a lot.

My #1 son LOVES jellyfish.  When he was a wee boy, he slept with a teddy bear, a stuffed lamb… and a toy jellyfish.  He adores them.  He thinks nothing of plucking them out of the water to examine them more closely.  He is rarely stung.

I’ve never been stung.  Probably because every time I see a jellyfish in the water, I run away shrieking as if I’m being chased by a murderous clown.

I also shriek when fish swim past.

And when seaweed touches my foot.

Also when the water is cold.

I shriek a lot at the beach.

No wonder they don’t usually take me.

So, if you’re at Bob Hall Pier or Mustang Island and you see a shrieking manatee leaping out of the water, come by and say hello!

Longboarding at the beach- Corpus Christi
Longboarding. Without me, obviously


  1. This brought a smile to my face because I feel the same way! Nothing better than CCC ‘s pool! How about a frozen Charleston Chew from the snack bar?!

  2. I love the beach too, but I freak out too when seawood touches myfoot. It’s embarrassing because people think something really bad happened because I’m a guy screaming and jumping around. I have to tell them something dramatic such as that I thought I saw a shark.

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