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I live on the Southside of Corpus Christi and I absolutely love it!!

NeighborWe moved into our home in December of 2011, about two weeks before our first child was born, and we have been here ever since. Because we have four children, we often get the question “are you going to move into a bigger house?” and our response is always “why would we?” We are so happy where we are and we love our neighborhood. Here are a few reason why we love living on the Southside.


  1. We have awesome neighbors! I cannot say enough good things about our neighbors. They are so awesome and take care of us. One of my neighbors takes out my trash bins every morning on trash day and puts them back on my driveway when they are collected. He watches my home when we are out of town. Another neighbor helped me get in my house when my 4 year old locked me out! He didn’t have too, but he did and I was so appreciative of him for doing that. We even have a cop who lives two houses down who has helped me out when things looked ‘fishy’ in our neighborhood. Let’s just say I feel really safe knowing he is available and very blessed with our community.
  2. Fun places for kids! I am near a ton of fun places for kids to hang out, including some neighborhood parks. (Our favorite is Crossgate Park!) PLAY is literally two minutes away from my home, so it is very convenient during the summertime, especially since it’s indoors and has AC. (Yay!) Brinca is also nearby. It’s a fun, indoor place my kids like to visit. It’s also close to some of the sports leagues, so when we’re ready for our kids to experience sports, we have at least two (that I know of) close by: I9 Sports and Padre Soccer. Corpus Christi Athletic Club is another option I’m researching for gymnastics for my two oldest children.
  3. Growth and Expansion! The Southside is booming and growing! Apartment complexes, restaurants and entertainment are all being built. Alamo Drafthouse, a movie theater, will open soon. More house are being built. It’s an exciting time in Corpus Christi and our family wants to be apart of it!

No matter which area of town you live in, love where you are! Make it a home and make it welcoming to those who visit you.

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Angelica C
Angelica, also lovingly referred to as Angel, is a wife to her high school sweetheart, Oscar, and the young couple finally tied the knot in June of 2004. After struggling with infertility for seven years, they welcomed their first child, Gideon {January 2012}, and in three short years they welcomed Annabelle {2013}, Deacon {2014} and Jubilee {2015}. In the summer of 2016, Angel’s oldest child was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which she continues to educate herself about by reading books, listening to podcasts and attending local classes and training events. When Angel isn’t busy tackling home duties and juggling her children’s activities, she enjoys taking self-defense classes at Krav Maga Houston, which she has been attending since moving to Houston in November 2016. She also loves coffee, reading, and meeting new people. Angel strives to live out 1 John 3:16 daily and loves talking and teaching others about what that means.