Hurricane Preparedness with Littles


Emergency preparedness is incredibly important for young families. These babies are relying on us to care for them. They don’t know you should be at the store stocking up on diapers and snacks, they just know mama makes it happen. With that in mind I wanted to make Hurrican Preparedness with Littles a little easier and less confusing. 

To start – here is a great list of basic preparedness items that every Coastal Bend Family should have on hand.

Once you have those basic needs covered, think Comfort, Morale, and Convenience.

For every family those things will look different, especially depending on the ages and stages of your littles.

For us, that looks like:

  • extra snacks (and trail mix with chocolate chips)
  • a change of clothes and a pair of shoes for each family member
  • extra onesies
  • baby blankets
  • a baggie of toy cars
  • a few children’s books
  • Play Doh
  • coloring supplies
  • essential oils
  • a baby carrier

Hurricane Preparedness With Littles
To be completely honest with you, my personal Hurricane Box is more geared toward evacuation.

I’m not staying behind for anything over a category 1. We have an emergency fund to pay for hotels or a campground if we need one, and I have no interest in riding out a major storm with my babies. Power outages and the lack of running water are not something I want to experience with 3 little ones.

But we do have a basic emergency kit in the event something happens and catches us off guard, we are prepared and will be able to weather the storm, but I hope we never have to. 

While our plan is to evacuate, I fully understand that this is not a possibility for everyone. If you do not have means, or a place to evacuate to and plan to stay to weather the storm with your littles you will need to gather all of the things mentioned above, PLUS enough food and water to last you at the very least a week with no power. Ideally, you will have closer to two weeks of food and water. With Hurricane Harvey, many of those in Rockport and smaller communities right outside Corpus Christi went over a week without power and running water. You will also want to make sure that what food you have does not need refrigeration. Ice and Coolers will only last for so long, and running to the store will not be an option for a while. 

To stay up to date with evacuation assistance and shelter information, I follow the City Of Corpus Christi Facebook Page.

Hurricane Preparedness With Littles