Friday Faves


Yay! Friday!

Friday Faves | Coastal Bend Mom Collective

We recently moved to a new apartment and let me tell you, moving with three 3 and under is no joke. Between nursing, diaper changes, potty training, coordinating childcare, attempting organization, decorating, and feeding everyone…sheesh. Its been over a month and I’m tired just writing this!

At our last place, things were super crowded. If I’m being honest, I really stopped giving it my best as far as homemaking goes. We threw most of our stuff in storage and basically went into survival mode when we had our most recent baby. Now we are in a new place and we have more room, a new washer and dryer, and ….drumroll…….a DISHWASHER! Talk about a lifestyle change! We didn’t have a dishwasher for about 4 years. I hated doing the dishes! But now we have one and the novelty has NOT worn off! HA! Is it super annoying to make my dishwasher part of my “Friday Faves” post??? Girl I don’t know but this beauty is giving me life and deserves a shoutout!

So thanks, black Frigidaire dishwasher. You’re wonderful. I love you.

Please enjoy this prom-style selfie of me with my BFF. You’re welcome.

Next on my list is my new skillet!
I fell in love with cast iron when my hubby bought me one for Christmas a couple years ago! (Yes, I’m one of those wives who actually enjoy cooking and cleaning related gifts. We are out there. Why else would these companies continue to make commercials targeted that direction?) What can I say, I like practical gifts!

Anyways, I really enjoy cooking with my cast iron skillet. It’s non-toxic, it gives the food a great texture, and its non-stick if cared for properly! I was disappointed when I read that we aren’t able to use it on our glass cooktop. (I don’t care if you use cast iron on your stove. I’m not paying for damages to this rental, y’all.)
I was so upset thinking I couldn’t cook with cast iron anymore! I asked around for suggestions in Facebook groups, and found out H-E-B carries BEAUTIFUL cast iron skillets with enamel coating on the bottom! WOOHOO! I got the blue one!

Moving on from the kitchen, do you watch YouTube? I hardly ever watch TV. I just don’t care for it. Every now and then I will get stuck in a series and watch the whole thing, but I mostly just watch YouTube! Right now I am super into watching channels of other moms! I have several I really like, but lately I’m binging ClutterBug! Basically she breaks home organization down into 4 different styles and helps you find what actually works for YOUR family. I have a lot more to say on this subject, but for now go check out her channel! I only discovered her two weeks ago and I am feeling so encouraged by her content!

Everyone always puts a favorite item they’re wearing in these posts. I’m not super into fashion, but I did recently treat myself to a BEAUTIFUL new baby carrier! Its from the Tula Linen collection and they claim it will be cooler in the summer heat! I doubt anything will be cool enough but I do know it is super-cute and very comfy! I love baby-wearing because it is cozy, comfy, practical, and supports a healthy breastmilk supply! Also, once baby has good head control you can nurse in it! GAME CHANGER! Makes shopping trips so much easier, which we all want!

Well, those are some of my very favorite things right now! Things that are “giving me life,” as they say. How about you?! What are you into right now?