Worth It Wednesday: The Pretty Potty Pumie Edition


Ladies, I’m no water expert, but the water here is something fierce. Hard water, limestone, sulfuric water; I’m not sure, but it causes so much yuckiness and build-up in my shower, tub, and toilet. I was so relieved to move into a higher-end townhome last year, thinking this would solve my plumbing and water stain, scum, crud issues. I was wrong. 

toilet bowl cleaner

I’ve tried all the things-it seemed like and on top of that, I was buying more toilet bowl cleaner than I normally would in my new place. As a cheap mom, I’ve relied on the Works toilet bowl cleaner for years from the Dollar Tree. My new toilets were a new monster – I tried the sprays, the foams, the liquids, the expensive stuff. I called in my landlord to look at the plumbing side of things. Yet to my dismay, none of it worked. 

Since I’ve already had to touch my savings just to clean my toilets in the last year (okay that’s a hyperbole – but times have been getting dire in the cost to clean: to toilet ratio), I was reluctant to try anything else. As we often find out about products through word of mouth, I stumbled across a mommas post that mentioned the Pumie Toilet Bowl Ring Remover. I confirmed the location to purchase – H.E.B and I even confirmed the aisle  – hey you never know where stuff is housed; it’s with all the toilet products (obviously) and I paid the NINE dollars, girls. 

At first, I wasn’t sure if it did very much. It also seemed to dissolve quickly, like a popsicle, but that’s just me being a frantic being. Quickly, I put some elbow grease into it like momma raised me to do – and voila. Goodbye, harsh yellow stains (eww!) and I’m not even a boy mom. All in all, under ten minutes and under ten bucks, so it’s a win. I think I might get two or three more uses out of it too. Now to figure out how to store it. In any event, I’m ready for summer company ya’ll. Holler!

toilet bowl cleaner

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