Worth It Wednesday: At Home Manicure


This mama loves to have her nails done, but hates to spend the money and the 2 hours it takes to travel to the nail salon, get your nails done, go to target (I mean doesn’t everyone go to target with a fresh mani), and go home. Enter the At Home Manicure remedy that actually lasts longer than 1.5 days and doubles for self-care. 

Any good manicurist knows it’s all about the prep. 

  1. Remove the polish
  2. Trim your nails. If you really like the square cut, Olive and June have a nail clipper that is straight and not curved so you don’t have to use the giant toenail clippers. 
  3. Push up your cuticles and trim
  4. File for nail shape 
  5. File top of nails for smoothness. This really makes all the difference in how smooth your polish goes on. 

Pro-tip: Instead of paying full price for all these manicure supplies got to Home Goods or TJ Maxx and you can get all of them for the price of one. 

Quarantine has put all the new gel and peel and stick to the test and the one I have found to last through theater construction and gorilla glue is Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Color. It doesn’t take any machine and dries relatively fast.  They are pricey at 7:50-7.99 a bottle, but think about how many manicure you can get it as opposed to one at $45.

Pro-tip: I use this handle on my bottles all the time and it helps me get precise with the brush. manicure

I like to grab a cheap bottle of sparkle nail polish to add to a few nails, or even use some of the glittery Color Street samples I get and slap the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat on their. If you want to throw back Olive and June has some nail stickers that I’ve been dying to try, but I can bring myself to splurge $8 for nails stickers. 

Is a manicure your go to for self care?


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