Top 5 Must Have Baby Products from a Mommy of Three


BABY PRODUCTS! Ladies, ladies, ladies! Things change from year to year, birth to birth, baby to baby. I have a 7 year old boy, 5 year old boy, and a 10 month old baby girl, and with each child baby products have changed and improved greatly!  I’m here to share with you my Top 5 Baby Products that I am loving my 3rd time around. I wish many of these had been available with my baby #1 and #2! So whether you are a 1st time mom or 5th, I hope my  personal favorites inspire you! 

Product #1: The NoseFrida

The NoseFrida or baby snot sucker. It is a straw like baby aspirator that uses your own suction to suck out your baby’s mucus. This product looks very very very intimidating but it is truly a life saver! We have never had an infant under that age of 1 sick, until we had baby #3. Our older boys are school aged and bring home germs. Policing them to stay away from and not touch their little sister is easier said than done. So, of course, they would sneak kisses every chance they got and we ended up with a congested 3 month old. The NoseFrida is quick and painless. I love this product and am happy to say bye bye to the old bulb style aspirator! {My 5 year old will use it on himself! Hurray!

Product #2: The Lightweight Car Seat

A lightweight car seat such as my Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30 infant carrier is a life saver. My old infant carrier was so heavy! So when we were expecting baby #3 and my husband started working 48 hour shifts at the fire department, I knew I would be doing a lot of grocery runs with all 3 kids on my own. I made it a mission to find a lightweight car seat product to make it easier for me to carry the seat while holding my other two kids hands in the parking lot until I was able to reach a shopping cart. This car seat has made such a difference! The seat weighs 4 lbs alone and can hold up an infant up to 30 lbs! If you have your hands full like me or just want to make carrying a car seat around easier, check this one out! {Special perk: everything is easily washable! Score!}

Product #3: The Smart Clean High Chair

Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 SmartClean High Chair ! Our old high chair was a pain to clean. It had a fabric cover which needed to be cleaned after every meal. It got to the point where we hardly kept the cover on it. The problem with that was there no longer was any cozy padding for the kids to sit on. So this time around I wanted an easy clean high chair product and that is what the ingenuity high chair is. It has easy clean foam pads that wipe clean and you can put the tray in the dishwasher! Yay! It can recline and convert from a full high chair to a travel high chair to a booster. If you have company, you can use it as a travel chair and the other piece a booster so the two children can use it while they eat! Woohoo! 

Product #4: The Sound Machine

The Skip Hop Owl Soother and Sound Machine has helped create white noise. It plays 4 melodies and 4 nature sounds to help baby #3 sleep through our two labradoodles barking and our 2 wild boys playing. It is also a great night light (with dimmer) that gives off the perfect amount of light for you to check on your sweet baby without turning on the room light. As my daughter is now 10 months, we started using the star projection option which projects stars onto the ceiling (It is on a pivot so your can direct the stars wherever you want them to shine). It also has timer options of 15, 30, and 60 minutes or continuous play. We use the continuous mode! It is such a great addition to her nursery decor! 

Product #5: The Ergo

Last but not least, my favorite and most used product of all as a mommy of 3 who is always on the go! The ERGO! Don’t be put off by the price! Trust me, it is totally worth the investment! With baby #1 we had a normal carrier and he hated it! I hated it! The ergo is different! My Husband LOVES IT! It is a bucket style carrier that scoops and supports your child’s hips. It is also very supportive for the wearer. We give it an A+ for comfort! You can wear the baby front, back, or on your back! Our stroller is hardly ever used because Ergo takes the cake! 

Comment below with your top baby product! 

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Amy is a stay at home mama bear of three, two very active boys ages 7 and 5, and a spitfire 6 month old baby girl. She is a full time student working on her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Amy’s husband, Austin , is a Fire Captain at NASCC. The couple loves God, family, baseball, the Green Bay Packers, fishing, beaching, trying new foods, and spending time laughing together. They are active in the STX baseball community as her husband coaches and she is “Team Mom/Manager.” They live life with the motto of being “perfectly imperfect.” Amy hopes to let mothers know that they are not alone in the parenting journey with its many ups and downs, twists and turns. She hopes other see that we are all in this parenting puzzle together and everyone has their own unique, individual piece.