5 Trip Traditions (that don’t break the bank)


Trip Souvenirs

We’ve all done it. Bought the useless souvenir that sits at the back of the cabinet, collecting dust and goes to a donation station years from now. Recently, our family came up with our own traditions to both decrease the dust collecting souvenirs and the amount of money spent on them.


Recently we invested in a good suitcases for each member of the family. They are each specific to our own personalities and easily identifiable. So with each adventure that suitcase joins us on we each choose a sticker to remember.

Push Pins

My daughter’s aunt is an avid traveler and was often coming home with shirts or souvenirs that would eventually get stained or broken. So she began buying her a push pin for each location she travelled to. Now, not only does she have a bulletin board to decorate her room it is also full of push pins of the different places her family (because no good idea is sacred in family) have visited.

Shot Glasses

I have a hard time fighting the urge to buy shot glasses, but our reality is that we don’t use them. However, after an Instagram survey this was one of the most frequent souvenir purchases. Let’s just say the average Coastal Bend Mama’s need to have a shot glass ready at all occasions and there is no judgement on our end!


The tried and true magnet souvenir purchase. This was my go to for awhile but between the animal and alphabet magnets my anxiety can not handle the sheer volume. Plus it was someone’s great idea to make stainless steel refrigerators the trend to they are all shoved either on the (magnetic) side or on the laundry room (aka beer) fridge.


This was a new one for me, but such a good idea. I am a fan of the Christmas tree that tells a story and what better way to tell a story than all the adventures you have been on. I think this may add itself into our traditions.

Tell us, what are your must-have souvenirs or trip traditions to remember your adventures?

PIN Trip Traditions

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