You Are More Than Just a Pandemic Baby


So you are finally pregnant, but you can’t help but hear the term “pandemic baby” ringing in your ear. It’s plastered all over the internet, your friends and family all make jokes, and the number of times you have been tagged in “we didn’t social distance” memes are endless. No one has stopped to think that maybe what they are saying is a little bit insensitive, especially considering you probably prayed for this baby. This baby is more than just a pandemic baby.

Believe me, Mama I hear you.

For many years my family struggled with infertility, and by luck, we happened to conceive during Covid-19. This baby had been planned years prior to the world shutting down but just so happen to come during the most unlikely of times. It’s hard to imagine now, two weeks postpartum that my sweet boy could have come at any other time; but, here he is in the thick of a global crisis. He is here, he was planned, and he is wanted. He was not here because of lockdown boredom, or a spur-of-the-moment decision based on what was/is going on in the world around us. This is not to discredit those whose decisions were based on those things because any baby is the best kind of baby…I just do not want my baby associated with any jokes or negative connotations like the pandemic.

He is far more than that.

While this may not be the popular opinion, it is my opinion and I know other mamas who have struggled, planned or prayed feel the same way. We may have had a lot taken away from us these past two years but know that despite the vexatious comments made about our pregnancies, the babies are not one of them. Our babies are more than just pandemic babies and will be celebrated the way they deserve to be, with normalcy. So to every mama, who had a baby or is currently pregnant your babies are just that, babies…not pandemic babies, not a joke to be made on the internet, but sweet little miracles who deserve to be recognized.


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