This is Us…Is All of Us.


SPOILER ALERT: This post contains a few spoilers for the show This is Us.

I watch my fair share of television. Probably too much if you ask my husband. So, I have a good idea of what I like and don’t like to watch. I enjoy a variety of shows: medical dramas (hello Grey’s Anatomy), superhero shows (The Boys– for adults only), comedies, sci-fi, if it catches my attention, I will give it a chance. Well for the past six years I have loved, laughed and most definitely CRIED with This is Us.

“Believe me when I say that only good things are going to happen here today.” – Jack Pearson (This is Us).

This is Us will be ending with its final season this year. This show took a hold of my heart from episode one. Not just because the guys are easy on the eyes, but because the themes of this show are so relatable. Everyone has or can relate to what these characters go through. In no particular order these themes are present:

  • Grief (death of a child, parent, spouse)
  • Racial issues
  • Marriage (struggles, divorce)
  • Adoption
  • Parenting
  • Obesity (self-image)
  • Disabilities (blindness)
  • Illness (mental illness, PTSD, alcoholism, anxiety, dementia)
  • Family dynamics (sibling rivalry, parent/child)

They touch on all these issues with such care, and sensitivity, pulling on your heart strings. The family dynamics are unique, a family with a set of triplets, one who is adopted after one of the babies is lost at birth. Through flashbacks in the episodes, we see their lives play out. What I love about this show is that it does not stray away from the hard discussions. We grow with the Pearson family getting to know them, when they hurt, we hurt. When we all knew Jack (father) was going to die and we braced ourselves, ready with a box of tissues.

I truly believe that This is Us is indeed all of us.