Sip the Sangria – with Serious Caution


I like sangria — especially a sweet one.  I love the fruity flavors with the fruit slices floating in my fancy glass.  So when I stumbled upon a cute 4-pack of sangria – I thought – huh, why not?

Before you take a swig of one of the top-selling sangrias, Capriccio, I have a personal warning for you.  SIP WITH SERIOUS CAUTION.

Sinful Sangria | Coastal Bend MomRecently, I had two girlfriends over to relax and do a little day-drinking in my pool.  It was not a party, but a friendly gathering.  We had chips, dip, queso, and BYOB drinks.  I purchased a 4 pack of the white grape sangria.  I gave one away – so I only had three left for me.  I am personally not a fan of the popular White Claw and Truly craze, but I really liked these sangrias. 

HOWEVER: In about 3-4 hours — those three bottles made me blackout, pass out on the couch and puke about 8 times throughout the night and early morning.  So WTH happened with such a small amount of alcohol?  (psst:  I am not a tiny human)

Believe it or not — it’s simple math! 

(Hi, this former math teacher is also this blog writer.)

Capriccio Sangria | Coastal Bend Mom Collective

The pretty bottles are 375mL (about 20 more mL than a typical beer/cider bottle).  If you read the bottles, the smaller bottle is about 5% alcohol by volume — BUT the sinful sangria is 13.9% alcohol by volume.  GIRLS — that’s nearly 3 times more alcohol per bottle.  And I had 3!!  So with a little multiplication calculation — that’s similar to drinking 8-9 bottles of your average beer in those three cute sangria bottles. WHAT?!!  (I probably should have done the math beforehand).

FYI White Claw and Truly are also 5% alcohol by volume.

After I recovered, I did a little Google research and found several articles and funny social media posts from other unsuspecting women who fell victim to the tasty drink.  One woman posted that she “woke up on the kitchen floor with a chicken tender in her hand.”

This is not a bad review by any means.  This is simply some words of wisdom.  So before you partake in your fun holiday beverages this summer — do a little math –  proceed with care – and consider yourself warned.


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