Ode to my Rocking chair


The nursery rocking chair: one of the first things I thought about when I found out I was pregnant.

I remember trips to Babies-R-Us (R.I.P), sitting in all the chairs, picturing what it would look like in our house, and what it would feel like to hold our new tiny baby in my arms while I rocked.

The chair we ended up with was gifted to us by my late Meemaw (aka grandma). I have fond memories of her letting me go online and pick it out and then she had it delivered to our house early. I was so excited when my husband sent me a message at work letting me know he had assembled the rocking chair and that it was officially in the nursery.

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We are now five years and two kids later, and that rocking chair is still going.

It has been through hours of bedtime stories, of rough night rocking and a few time outs. It has seen tears, giggles, and lots of baby drool. That rocking chair is one of the few items we have that I can say with confidence has given us our moneys worth plus much more.

As the days pass, I can hear new creaks and groans from over use, but it is still just as comfortable as the first day. I’ll be the first to admit that at 2a.m. I’m not always grateful to have my three-year-old daughter yelling that she wants to be rocked back to sleep. But this evening as I sat with her in my arms, slowly falling asleep, I looked around her room and noticed the change from baby to big girl. She is suddenly so long that her legs dangle over the arm of the chair, the crib is gone and in its place is her big girl bed. Her changing table is long gone (can I get an amen!) replaced by a bigger dresser to hold all those big girl clothes.

I realized that in a very short time this rocking chair will not be needed, I will have no one to rock sleep.

So, to my rocking chair I say thank you!

You’ve gotten us through 1,945 bedtimes, countless night time feedings and even more extra nighttime cuddles. I’ll hang on to you as long as I can because that means I still have a baby that wants me to hold and rock them. I promise to be more grateful for the time I have rocking, even when it comes at 2a.m.

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