National Collect Rocks Day: Memories of the Rock Collector in My Life


September 16th is National Collect Rocks Day!

various rocks in a heart shape

As a kid I never liked playing outside and getting dirty with the rest of the kids. I preferred to stay inside and read a book. I did not have a clue about what hobbies you could discover by being outside. I liked (ok still like) to stay in my little bubble and keep to myself.

As I got a little older, I started expanding my horizons, going out with friends, and noticing what others were doing with their time. I loved wearing jewelry and I remember one day my mom gave me a necklace with a pretty dark red stone. She told me it was garnet, told me about its properties and using words like chakras. She was very into things like that, always telling me about how wearing certain stones would help with different things.


That was when I started to pay attention, she had a box filled with different rocks and crystals. So many colors and shapes, over the years she had been collecting numerous stones from different rock shops and places she’d been. She had books and books on stones and crystals. How did I not notice before?

Various rocks and stones.

As a mom I got to see firsthand my mom with her granddaughters, showing them and teaching them about her beloved hobby. I saw their little eyes fill with awe and wonder at seeing all the pretty rocks that Granny had collected. They would look forward to taking trips with Granny to the rock shop and she would let them pick out what they wanted. On trips out of town my daughter always must stop and look for a special rock to take home.

a bracelet made of purple and green stones

She made me a bracelet once with different stones when she was wanting me to have more grandbabies. She told me it was good for fertility (haha).

Now that my mom is no longer with us the grandbabies still collect their rocks and my daughter has those special memories to remember her Granny.

Do you know anyone who collects rocks? Do you or any of your loved ones have a special hobby?